Friday, August 01, 2008

Happy Friday :)

My Hudson is the biggest helper. He doesn't turn 4 for a month and a half & I hope he keeps this up for quite a while.
He just spilled some crackers a moment ago so he grabbed the vacuum and vacuumed the whole room (without me saying one word about that). He's vacuumming again right now because he just found one little crumb that he missed a bit ago. Too cute! He is also my helper at the grocery store with trying to scan everything in the self serve lines, cleans the table after dinner, washes dishes with me.... and like I said, all of this is on his own. He's so anxious to be my helper.

Griffin is my crazy loud nut. He will turn 3 in October. Right now he is all torn up because he was twirling around two days ago on our sidewalk and fel into one of our rose bushes. That really isn't anything to unusual for him. He didn't make any fuss about it until we walked inside. He must have bumped one of the thorns in his leg. I then found about 10 in one small part of a leg. Crazy! I guess it's better than him landing on one of our cactus.

My third fabulous son, Cooper, (but really my 1st one - he's 18) is up in Boston right now with his step-mom. They are finding out why his dad loved going up there. They are sprinkling the rest of his dad's ashes in the bay so he can truly be a pirate like he really wanted to be. Rest in Peace, Phil. We'll all miss you! He's been gone since Feb 11th and this is the final memorial for him.



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chantillylace said...

Sounds like you have lovely children. How cute of the little one to help you vacuum.

JanMary said...

I have a 3 1/2 yr old helper too - always fun when he is "helping".

Flohbock said...

great Lo!

afridigidiva said...

my kids were the same way, they grow out of it pretty quick though.


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