Monday, June 23, 2008

oh jeesh...... I'm watching The Bachelorette right now & loving it.... I have no idea how she is going to pick just one guy our of these four... do you think she can have a 3-way tie?????? I really really hope that Jeremy is the one to go. The other guys just seem so much more real, down-to-earth, fabulous guys.

Who's your fave - Jeremy, Jason, Graham, or Jesse???? or who don't you like???

my picks
1. Jason
2. Jesse
3. Graham
4. Jeremy

(spoiler at the end of this blogging)


oh my golly gee... I just looked down at the time and temp on my screen and it says it's still 106F outside right now......... and it's almost 9pm............ I think we are in for one toasty summer


today I made the cutest little somethin somethin for GP's July Gotta Grab It event.... oh, it's so fun.... too bad you'll have to wait til sometime in July for me to show you

but.............. if you are anxious for a great deal..... Tuesday is our 20,000th order appreciation day sale.............. isn't that incredible????????? last week our 20,000 order was placed so we are awarding all of our fabulous shoppers a super fab day of 50% off of everything INCLUDING commercial goodies... woo-hoo for all of you! ........ and, for all of you curious people, our special customer that placed this order received a surprise gift certificate to Gotta Pixel.


oh gosh golly gee.... ABC is playing the longest commercial for Wipeout... it starts tomorrow.... it looks hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok. .............. DeAnna made her picks............... Jeremy, Jason, and Jesse... Graham is out.........she doesn't think that Graham can let his wall down, she's really hurt and really wanted him to be the final one, dang it is hard to watch... you can tell he really cares, he just doesn't know how to show it... he wrote her a letter and asked her to read it at some time any time.................starting to read the card, and now she's second guessing herself

oh... I hope I don't have
to work next Monday night so I can watch The Men Tell All episode

Thursday, June 19, 2008

my confession - updated

first off, if you don't know about my confession from late last night... please read HERE first ...

I couldn't help it..... I threw all of them away this morning & he wondered why.....I just kept laughing to myself every time my dh mentioned how weird those cookies were ........ so after letting him know that there was a reason, but I didn't want to tell him, and I was laughing the whole time, I finally had to spill........

he had to go grab the box of the carpet baking soda to try to find the ingredients to make sure nobody was poisoned, especially our toddler sons....well, I checked that yesterday & no ingredients and no warnings....
it was just a teaspoon anyway.. LOL

I thought he'd have a blast narking on me, but he said he's too afraid to tell anyone about it

btw, the batter tasted a lot better than the actual cookies :)


soooo, since tonight was Thursday... that meant Swingtown on CBS! I love this new show..... there is no way I could even think about living like that.... but it's so 70s and so entertaining!
....and... another fun reason to watch it... Grant Show as a hot swinger with a porn mustache!

have you watched it yet? if not, definitely check it out... watch an episode or two online or just wait til next Thursday :)


welll... I've finally made some close-ups for my Colorwheel paper pack collection.........

all of these 72 papers are uniquely texturized...not one is alike...

below are close-ups of 4 of the 8 papers in each pack

all paper packs sold individually... or together in the combo pack for a huge discount

and.... all are Scrap for Hire ok... just like all of my other personal use goodies

Colorwheel is available at both Scrapdish and Gotta Pixel

and now a reminder that Gotta Pixel's first Gotta Grab It event will be over at midnight (PST) on the 20th

more than 50 products - same color swatch - $1.00 each -

GP's Gotta Grab It collection....mix and match & grab your own collab

and... another gander at my other Gotta Grab It contributions...

and... look at this super fab LO by my3hens (Sarah C), Bright Eyes

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

confession time!!!!!!!

ok.... I held a Silpada Designs party tonight ... so this afternoon I made some chocolate chip cookies

they were oh so special .... LOL.......

they tasted a little off......... I was told that they tasted like they had a cleaner in them or that they tasted like potpourri .... I, of course, said that I had no idea, except that I accidentally put a little too much baking soda in the mix

welllllllllllllllll... my confession to you... I couldn't even tell my dh because I knew he'd never let me forget about it...I realized at the end of mixing all the ingredients that
the only baking soda I had was the one for the carpets........well, I just chalked it up to the fact that it's baking soda, how diff could it be & it was ONLY 1 tspn.....ok, call me a big goofy donut, I've definitely said it to myself several times ...but I used it for the cookies

at least Hudson (3.5) and Griffin (2.5) love them

soooooooooo, please don't try this in your house!

ok... anyone else want to make me laugh with a foolish confession of your own?


and... another new not-so-typical Sara goodie.......but I really really love this pack...

fun button bits, with a bit of a vintage feel.... the perfect unique accent for your creative masterpieces... Bitty Bits by Sara Ellis

they are called "Bitty" not so much for the size of them, but they kind of remind me of some little bits you might find crawling around Aunt Bitty's attic.... LOL

all 1- 2 inches in size

18 individual PNG files
300 dpi

**Scrap for Hire ok... just like all of my other personal use goodies**

Monday, June 16, 2008

it's been over a month!

have you missed me????? I know I've missed you :)

dang! I know I was out of town for a whole month....... and it was fabulous... but I've been back home for 2.5 weeks now..........

Cooper was picked to be on Prom Court (2nd or 3rd place for Prom King) and he graduated high school... it's hard to believe that I am now a mom of a high school graduate...
I still need to u/l all of my pictures off of my camera

since I've been back, I've become a bit addicted to the word games on Facebook... oh, they get ya good there.. I've been wasting too much time with them ... wanna play a game with me? add me as a friend .. here's my profile

oh... ya know how I always mention my great bargains at The Gap???? well, yesterday morning I cleaned out our backroom... we had some Gap Kids clothes on the top shelf that really needed to be moved out from early spring & even a bit of last fall....... soooooooo, tons got marked down to $1.97 and $3.97.......... not too much for boys XS (4-5), but I did manage to find a jean jacket, blazer, sweatshirt, and track pants all for $1.97 each (BEFORE my discount).. nice, huh? I love working there!

wellll... now to some design talk.... how would you like some fab bargains??????

my newest additions to Gotta Pixel's very first Gotta Grab It event, Grabba Painted Borders...

How about finishing off your layout with a big chunky puff paint border? This fun scalloping is the perfect framing touch. You can even resize them smaller to be picture frames. Each one has been individually hand painted.

only $1 until June 20th... just like all the other 40+ goodies in GP's Gotta Grab It collection....mix and match & grab your own collab

and... another gander at my other Gotta Grab It contributions...



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