Tuesday, November 25, 2008

look at me...

look at me... back in the blogging swing of things again.....



My 4 yo had a nice lamenated artwork & journaling project from preschool today....

(he had to fill in the blanks and a teacher wrote it out for him)

"Hudson is thankful for the garbage truck man for picking up the garbage."


"If I had one wish for our turkey day dish it would be....Yellow Ice Cream, PB&J Sandwich, Milk, and purple cake, it tastes like applesauce"

priceless, isn't it???

how about your kids????? anything similar?


interesting blogs I've stumbled upon recently...

Cake Wrecks

Fantacy's Hillbilly Scraps

C Jane (live your life to the fullest)

Ikea Hacker

Stretching a Buck (I blogged about this yesterday)


ok........ well, ya know how every day Gotta Pixel has up to 4 or 5 different products from different designers for big bargains.. in our Pixel Picks catagory

Wednesdays are my day...

sooooooo this week.....

grab my super fun and fab page kit, Crazy Christmas for only $2.99, save 54%


enjoy.. and Scrap Sassy Silly!

Monday, November 24, 2008

ok.......... I'm soooo into online grocery coupons now.... they are soooo flippin' quick and easy to use... I don't have to remember to take any to the store with me, they are just automatically loaded onto my Fry's card and when I purchase something it knows... AND... I get an e-mail the next day about my coupon activity

I stumbled upon a grocery savings blog one day called
Stretchin A Buck.. signed up to receive the blog updates...... and registered on three different sites to register my Fry's card

if you live in the States, you should take advantage of her blog...I don't think you'll be disappointed


oh gosh... I just finished watching The Hills.......
*Spencer is a lunatic controlling QUACK!
*Audrina is a worry wort crazed paranoid girl

I just found out that Heidi and Spencer eloped while they were in Cabo over the weekend....
oh, hopefully she wakes up sometime in the next year or two and realizes what a nutjob he is

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Deals of the Day

As of last week, every Wednesday I will be offering a Deal of the Day at Gotta Pixel (a/k/a Pixel Pick). Every day there should be 1-4 items in the Pixel Picks category for a smokin' deal.

My pick this week is my Template Tools - Abby:

SAVE 69% now and grab it for only $1.25 HERE


For those of you who don't know... I work at The Gap and this coming weekend, Nov 13th - 16th is our Friends and Family/Give and Get event

interested in one of my offers????

*30% off Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Piperlime. (includes outlets)

*valid Nov 13th - 16th

*can be used multiple times and you can share yours with a friend in stores

*can only be used one time online

*5% of all sales from my friends and family will be automatically donated to Dress for Success (I had 6 charities to choose from)

*can be used on regular and sale merchandise

Please ONLY request one if you know you will definitely used it... I do NOT want to waste any

I have three e-mail offers available to my blogging friends. I've already given away all of my 50, but one of my co-workers gave me 47 of hers and I still have bits of those remaining (I gave away a bunch to my Facebook friends)................. we both chose the same charity so 5% of all our F&F sales will be donated by Gap to Dress for Success

IF you are interested .. please leave me your e-mail address........... three lucky people will receive these fabulous discounts


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