Saturday, June 30, 2007

French and Spanish lessons....

spice up your work with a little Espanol and Francois

available at both Plain Digital Wrapper and One of a Kind Scrapz


The Itty Bitty Beach Party at our pool was super cute!
Hudson and Griffin had a ball, as well as all the other bizillion kids there. was sooooo packed!

Besides that little fact, there were bunches of goodies for the kids.... free plastic leis and matching sunglasses / an Itty Bitty dance contest / little plastic pools filled with bubbles & wands, sand & sand toys, fishing toys /pictures with the mascot polar bears (oh yea, over 100 degrees and there were two people in polar bear costumes...crazy!) / little tattoos / tons of rafts (alligators, big spirals, whales, toddler cars, and more) /free corndogs from Sonic....
....and all of this was FREE.

so cool! too bad we have to wait until next year for another one at that pool

the only sad/bad note out of this morning was the fact that I still don't have a camera
(I hurt mine on the beach when a nasty wave crept up and splashed me and my camera)
......sooooo I have to finish up the rest of my little disposable underwater camera
before I can get the pics developed


please scroll down to see all of the other business that I have going on
...along with OAKS new look

Friday, June 29, 2007


Wanna win some fab goodies???

Just particpate in OAKS new blog challenge.....
show us what your own One of a kind is.....

are you the only red head in your family?
are you an award winning chef?
are you the one special PTA President at your kid's school?
are you one of a kind...for your dazzling smile???

see some inspiration and more info on the blog

oh ....that's right....there are prizes.....and I'm sponsoring the very first challenge......

one lucky random winner will win a $10 GC to my OAKS store
one lucky random winner will win my yet to be released Silly Scatters part 2 template set (be the very first person to receive will be in both PSD and PNG+ formats.....the VERY first of my items to be offered in PNG+)

what are you waiting for????
go see the new starry fun look at OAKS and have fun with this challenge

*************** I have to go get ourselves ready for the pool..... our closest city pool is having an Itty Bitty Beach Party's just geared towards all of the little's supposed to be super fun...I just hope it isn't overly crowded ...... the forecast is for 110 degrees AGAIN least it's only 87 right now

I hope you all have a fab day too :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

do I really need a title????


yesterday I hopped on the blog train at I usually do.....welllll, after several hours nobody commented on my blog (not the first time for that to happen either)

the guidelines for playing the blog train really aren't too difficult....just comment on the one person ahead of you...that's it.......if you comment on more, that's just groovy ..........

sooooooo......I started another thread, the Blog Train Hobo Club ...... all out of fun .........I just envisioned it to be the fun alternative if you got skipped over on the train....kind of similar to the Thread Killers thread........ just pop on that thread whenever it happens to you .......well, people are either dissing the train or being sympathetic...I guess that's ok, but I really didn't intend for that to happen

ok....there's my peace........and now it's time to give the train another ride AGAIN


lookie here...... we have new blinkies for OAKS
isn't mine sooooooo fun????? I just love it!!!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

they go with the new look of our site.....
and it's brand spankin' new today
go take a gander HERE

now please feel free to scroll down so you can see all of my exciting news about upcoming events :)

later friends

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

craziness coming ahead very soon

ok...sooooo craziness is happening all of the time with me.......but pretty soon it's going to be even crazier!

OAKS is going to start having blog challenges every Friday. Every week will have a unique challenge. I'm sponsoring the very first one and 2 lucky winners will get prizes from me. (yay!!!) I'm giving away a $10 gc for my store and Silly Scatters part 2. Silly Scatters part 2 won't even be in my stores until after the challenge is over. So that means that the lucky winner gets it way before anyone else. One more special cool thing about it..... This one will also be available in PNG+ format (PSD and PNG+). It will be the very first goodie of mine offered in PNG+. OK, this winner is really going to have a big smile on her face, isn't she?

Thank you so much to everyone that has already grabbed up my first Silly Scatters. I am so thrilled that everyone loves them as much as they do. They've been so fun to make! Who knows how many sets I'll end up making. I can feel another Silly Circles coming up soon too. I've been itching to make a new one of those for a while. (scroll down to see my 1st set and how to grab it)

don't forget to go to OAKS blog on Friday for new challenge fun


more OAKS fun - I am going to be the very first Scrapz Spotlight featured designer. The first 2 weeks of July are going to be alllllll about me. I get to host a chat or two, whatever challenges I'd like to do, just have fun being me and showing more people who I am. If you have some bright and sunny ideas to get people jumpin' for joy, I'd love to hear them. PLEASE!

******* you can probably tell by now, changes are happening at OAKS very soon....One of a Kind Scrapz is going to be celebrating it's 1 year anniversary all month long in July. Fun Festivities will be happening and changing every weekend. You can't miss out! Tons of fab designers are over there:
Danielle Engebretson
Dawn Wilson
DC Designs
Doreen Stolz
Faith & Victoria
Faith True
Heather Watson
Jeanelle Paige
Jennifer Barrette
Jessica Gorny
Karen Lewis
Laura Pitman
Misty Maier
Pamela Gibson
Rachel Martin
Sara Ellis
Sarah Grimwood
Scrapz Duo's
Sherri Tierney
Sherry Ferguson
Victoria Feemster

how easy is this for you to check out each talented designer????
Just click on any name to go directly to their store (including mine).

The site is going to look completely diff too.


I'm also finishing up my first contribution for Scraps for Charity. Talk about bright and sunny! You'll really love these sunshiny colors for July. Want to check out June's collab? Just click HERE. It is to benefit the National Down Syndrome Society. July's is for The Ronald McDonald House. And...the S4C website is getting revamped also.


reminders --- sign up for my news over on the right side bar .........
go to OAKS blog ......
give me ideas for being the Scrapz Spotlight designer.....
go shopping in my stores (sorry...just had to plug myself since I'm doing this reminder list today)
........and scroll down to see more fab goodies from me


Sunday, June 24, 2007

more new goodies...yay!!!!!!!

I've been busy lately...haven't I?????? I've been u/l new goodies like crazy these last few days....'s the newest items......

I've added to my Silly Templates Collection ...and my newest pack, Silly Scatters was sooooooo fun to make!!!!!!

Aren't all 5 of these templates soooo absolutely cool??? I know I will definitely be adding more Scatters to my Collection soon. I just can't stop myself!

regularly $2.50, intro special only $1.50 (for 5 templates...what a deal!!!)

grab them at OAKS and PDW

******* showcase my Silly Scatters and my #40 Paper Pack..... I have Pop-Ins, Chapter 3...just leave them as they are or jazzy them up to make them more you

regularly $1.50, special intro price of $1.00

grab them at OAKS and PDW


if you haven't already done so....please sign up to get on my 411 list'll always be notified about my new goodies and other fun stuff from me......just take a gander over on the right sidebar up towards the top and you'll be able to enter your e-mail address for me :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

bright & cheery


grab them at OAKS and at PDW

they are such a fab way to sample my creative goodies....please enjoy them....
keep them nice and simple...or dazzle them up with your funky fancy elements...make them your own unique creation

regularly $1.50 for each set .............right now at an introductory special of ONLY $1

Thursday, June 21, 2007

red white & blue spectacular!

an addition to my Snazzy Snoodle Collection - Franklin Frames ...... a little glittery festive frame fun, with bonus stars

red, white, and blue festive glitzy frames

1 single star frame
1 single round frame with wings of stars
1 single square frame
1 corner cluster
1 straight cluster
bonuses to dazzle your frames: 1 sting of glittery stars & 1 individual star

mix and match the individual and cluster frames together ... and scatter some stars around for spectacular one of a kind masterpieces


Roughin' It Alpha - grab the alpha packs separately in red, white, or blue...or get a bigger bargain by grabbing the combo pack with all 3

everything is at least 30% off for a funtabulous introductory offer ... only $1 for each individual alpha pack & $2 for the frames (or grab the alpha combo pack for ONLY $2.75)


my dh came back from Omaha on day later than originally planned so he could watch his ASU Sundevils play on Monday night was a great game, but they lost.....and then lost again on Tuesday night to kick them out of the NCAA World Series...

the boys swim lessons on Tuesday was right smack in the middle of Tuesday's game....dh did great by missing that chunk to be dad....but he zoomed in the house ASAP when we got home to watch the end even went in extra innings too.......

oh well....they did make it to the top 8 teams

better luck next year

Saturday, June 16, 2007

my good & bad

well bloggers.....I told you all at the beginning of the week that I had really great news, but I couldn't share it right then.........and then a few days later I said it went to sad news .......

first off, sorry to those of you that thought something was wrong with my health.... I'm fine...

here's the deal..........
I was a Cheeky Bird for a few days.......and I was soooo psyched about it! The concept was fabulous! Everything was $1 each (paper packs, elements, alphas, mini kits, whatever else) and it was headed up by Lena Brandenburg and her best friend, Lynn Overend. So, you know it was going to be fabulous...and I was on the Design Team. The concept, colors, logo, everything was soooo perfect. Well, as most know by now, Lena has decided to retire from our digiscrapping design world (see this DST thread). Not only is Lena having to leave her designing, she has to give up her special baby that they've been working on for months. It's too tough for Lynn to run this baby by herself. No more Cheeky Bird anymore. There is sadness from our whole CBS team, but Lena's & Lynn's health and sanity are more important than anything.

There it is...the good...and then the bad/sad news


I am in LOVE........Audrey Neal has the most awesome new wordart... earlier today I grabbed Love Without End.....I'm hoping I'll be able to throw together a nice card for my dh later tonight for Father's Day with one of these fab quotes ........... I also threw Quotopia Vol. 3 on My Digiscrappin' Wishin' Kaboodle list
and I will be throwing more on there when I have more time ......... I'll probably actually end up grabbing something else tonight too.....tune into my newest Kaboodle list, Just Downloaded Digiscrap Finds to see what I do grab...ok, can you tell I just recently became addicted to Kaboodle????????


Now...this afternoon............I dropped Hudson and Griffin off at Grandma's house for the night....and I stopped by Goodwill on the way home..........I LOVE their half price days....I am such the bargain bunny! .... I grabbed a J Crew tee, a Ron Jon Surf Shop tee, and a pair of American Eagle shorts....all for the low low price of $ cool is that??!?!? .....If I had more time to kill, I'm sure I could've found more goodies........
....but .....
I had to go get my toes down........oh my legs and feet feel soooo good right now...not to mention my pretty little piggies :) ....
.... and now.....
I have my Rotel dip (queso) getting ready in the crock pot for my MOMS Club end of the year fiesta........I'm so ready to grab my frozen margarita...yummmmm .....
.......time to go play the blog train today (I've been so good with blogging lately....please scroll down to verify & check out everything'll be happy about my latest post) ...and then I have to get out of the house.....

have fun........and go Scrap Sassy Silly!!!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

I just had to share this....

thanks to the lovely chatter thread at DST ........I'm getting a FREE 8x8 Photo Book from Shutterfly..... and you most likely can to

Yahoo Photos is closing on Sept 20th. They are offering to transfer all of your photos to various other photo sharing sites. If you choose to have yours transferred to Shutterfly, you'll get a coupon for a free 20 page 8x8 photo book. IT doesn't appear to matter if you currently have any pictures in your Yahoo photo albums - so long as you had previously activated it you should be able to do the transfer. The free photo book coupon expires January 2008. Shutterfly's normal price for this book is $29.99. No mention as to whether there is a shipping charge.

http://closing. com/

there are 4 other places that you can transfer your Yahoo album to, some have other promotional offers, some don't have anything.... but I think Shutterfly's is the best



now that I gave you this incredible tip ......... please scroll down & check out my sale :)

have a groovy night!!!!!

happiness time continued me slow
......but ...
I finally got on the Kaboodle bandwagon thanks to Kristen (Quirky)... she added me as a friend to give me that extra shove to join ....... oh wow! is this a cool set-up or what? So far I have 2 lists with items (my digiscrappin' wishin' and Sara Ellis' Designs). I still have many items to add to my Designs list, but at least I have it started so people can shop off of it :) It's so cool how you can search other people's lists to find more goodies and just search digital scrapbooking and find a plethora of items soooo easily .... anyway, if you are already a Kaboodler or are just going to join now, please feel free to click on my profile pic, then on the "add as a friend" icon under my profile pic

now go get addicted!


well... a few days ago I mentioned that there was more happiness news that I wanted to share with you.....well, that unfortunately turned into sad news yesterday.....I'll blog about that a bit later...this time it's all happy happy joy joy talk :)


my Happy Happy Joy Joy Sale started on Wednesday..... I am so sorry I'm just now getting around to telling you now...... but it is continuing through Monday so there are still plenty more days to have fun.........
it's happenin' at both my OAKS and PDW stores... I have a few commercial goodies at OAKS too


well, remember that I was Queen of the Day at DST on Wednesday??? well, if you never saw the answers to the questions that were thrown at me then... I thought I would copy and paste them for you here too so you can get to know me a tad better

1. Aside from scrapbooking, what creative outlets do you have?......
I guess you could say my boys...I'm a FT mom to my 2.5 yo & 1.5 yo sons (Hudson and Griffin) so I stay pretty busy either with them or on the computer ...... I'm also a PT son to my oldest son, Cooper, he'll be 17 on July 5th (yes, I have a 14 yr gap and a little 13 month gap)

2. What is your favorite thing to wear? .....well, I wear my tanks and flip flops almost every day
3. What is your least favorite household chore? ...ALL of them!
4. Share your "designer story". How did you get started? welll, I learned that digi-scrapping existed in March of '06 while I hung out at many fabulous designers and scrappers came from there (Victoria Feemster, Faith True, Andrea Burns, Amanda Heimann, and sooo many more I can't even think of right now). Sooo, that's how I started scrapping. I then tinkered with designing while on the Elements Team at DSC from August 06 until January 07. In January, I began my first real design gig at HODS and then a month or two later, I started over at OAKS (Faith and Victoria have been fabulous mentors for me...and I adore them a ton)
5. Who is YOUR favorite designer right now? ....gosh, a favorite....that's soo hard...there are so many great people out there....and I really don't scrap too much anymore...and when I do, it's mainly with Faith's fun goodies.... even though I have so many fabulous finds from other designers that I still haven't used yet pretty new designer and friend of mine who is super talented is Sarah Grimwood (you just have to check her out, if you haven't done so yet)

what inspires you?????,.....whatever thing happens to pop in my head

coffee or tea???....tea....but I'm more of a plain and basic water drinker

movie or tv??? because that's I ever watch...I might go to a movie with my oldest son every 3 months or so, they are too dang expensive now

pink or blue???.....wellll...I absolutely love pink, the brighter and sassier the better....but I wear blues more because they look better on me

how you can be a mom to two small children and design?
LOL...I really don't sleep much

I live on my computer most every naptime...I use my laptop sometimes in the kitchen (it's connected to our game/play room that's supposed to be a dining room)....and I don't go to sleep until after midnight most nights


don't you want to make sure that you always know what's happening with me????
be sure to add yourself to my 411 list (you can add your e-mail over on the top right side) to never be left off my blog updates

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm the QUEEN

....oh was so nice to see a PM super early this morning from Rachael Giallongo....

today is my day......

I'm Queen of the Day at DST today
so please come on over, ask me some questions, and get to know me better......

you never know what you may learn :)

ok...that's it....probably the shortest blog I've ever blogged...I'll blab more later :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

happy happy joy joy

Wednesday is going to be a Happy Happy Joy Joy day for me!!!!!!!
I will be having a huge bang of a sale from Wednesday until the next Monday.
I'm either going to have everything at 50% off
just make everything on sale for $1.50 each
(kits, paper packs, elements, etc ...all the same price)
........hmmmmmmm....what should I do?????

I will only tell you now what one of the two reasons is.........
my dh will be in Omaha for the NCAA World Series to watch his ASU Sundevils................
it'll kind of be like a vacation to me too,
even though I'll be at home with Hudson and Griffin...........
I'm soooo looking forward to not having to make dinner every night
and the ability to watch whatever tv show I want to watch at night...
oh there better be some good junky shows on to entertain me I bad or what????
My MIL is also going to watch the boys on Saturday night
so I can go to my MOMS Club end of the year fiesta...
I can wake up on Sunday morning whenever I want without a single responsibility wild is that????

I'll tell you about my other exciting happiness in a couple days
I can't spill the beans on that one yet.

************ I took Hudson to his pediatrician to check on his thumb.....
he has's an infection on his thumb-sucking thumb........
it's getting better since we saw her last week, but it still looks pretty inflamed

anyway........ Hudson insisted on wearing his dad's shoes again......
yesterday and today, they are the only shoes he will wear........
one is a tennis shoe minus the laces and the other one is a black casual dress shoe (both left)
.............soooooo, I just had to take a pic of him walking out of the pediatrician's office complex
........oh, yep, that is my purse around his neck too
....isn't he a cutie????

****************** about these fun things??????
I made new blinkies last night using my Livid Vivid Morning Paper Pack ..........

wanna grab a WANNABEE-----------> Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
or a FAN---------------->Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
please do :)

my CT girls (the regulars and the guests have similar variations too)

I have a few new June/July Guest Silly Sisters too.....
I'll make their announcement within the next day or two and share links to their galleries.......
oh my! they are all so incredibly talented!!!!!


I can't wait to hear from you........ please chat away :)
I love reading all of the comments

Thursday, June 07, 2007

a plethora of things

First brother-in-law is very lucky to be alive right now. He was in a horrible car accident a couple days ago. He was getting ready to exit the highway to go home after work when an Explorer traveling the opposite direction went through the intersection, went airborne and crashed into the SUV in front of him, then it flew back and crashed into him. The dead driver landed on his windshield. He luckily drove my sister's F250 that day instead of his Cadillac. He probably wouldn't be alive if he was in his car. The news article linked above is very short, but it does have a news video attached to it. I don't know how the women in the first hit SUV are alive. It looks like their seat is crushed. According to my mom, a small local newspaper state that a private car drove those injured occupants (2 moms and 2 kids) to the hospital. I guess some citizen was trying to be helpful before the ambulance got there. But, jeez, they could've really been injured by being moved by non-professionals. My BIL is ok for the most part. He's very sore and swollen from the Cortizone he's taking, but he apparently is having a tough time dealing with having a dead woman on his windshield. I really have no clue what kind of shape she was in when she landed there. Something none of the press releases state - she was talking on her cell phone and driving between 80-85 MPH when it happened. My sister's truck's front end is gone, but the seat is still ok.

********** on to cheerier thoughts..........

how about a fun little sandwich recipe for your little ones?????? Hudson, my 2.5 yo made up a new creation yesterday and absolutely loves it! He's eaten 2 since then. It's deli ham, graham crackers, and peanut butter in a half sandwich on white bread. You have to spread a little of the pb on both the ham and the graham crackers to make it the Hudson way.

********** about a sale????

Hooked on Digiscrap is having a store-wide early Father's Day sale now and throughout the weekend. Everything personal and commercial is 45% off from all of the designers! You can get some smokin' hot quality deals! Check out my store HERE.


My June and July Guest CT Call is still open until Sunday evening. Please scroll down for more details. July is a super busy month for me. So many fabulous things are going on. You won't want to miss out on some of my marvelous goodies.


Last, but not least.........
did you see my little 411 sign-up to the right??????

please go ahead an plug in your e-mail address for me......
you'll get news from Feedblitz whenever I update my blog.........
and who knows, maybe I'll throw some extra goodies your way too

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


hey all....

I can't believe it's the end of the day on the 5th.....
for bunches of you it's already the 6th...
and I haven't even shown you OAKS June Free with Purchase kit yet, Nouveau Riche .....
it's so warm, rich, and elegant

and my contribution for it:

isn't this whole thing just beautiful????

all you have to do is purchase at least $10 worth of goodies from our OAKS store
and you will get this for FREE.......................
what a fab deal!


a friendly little reminder from me to all of the marvelous scrappers & cheerleaders out there.....

be sure to scroll down to a tad to get all of the glorious details....
I can't wait to hear from you.............
I will definitely get back with every person that applies

Sunday, June 03, 2007


It's Livid Vivid time.......I wasn't sure when I was going to get these done & in the stores. They are only in PDW and OAKS right now. I've been having major u/l issues at HODS tonight.

and.....for the first 24 hours only $1.50 each (50% off).......
grab them as fast as you can


dontcha just love them??????

Evening is the darker set and Morning is the brighter sunnier set.
Make sure you grab both sets.

Every paper has a different texture from the rest of the bunch.
Each one also has between 3-6 shades/colors for total uniqueness.

Grab them at OAKS and PDW


now a little something funny..........

yesterday I googled my mom so I could verify her address ....... and I came across something from her local hospital...........she has been involved in their celebrity charity dinner event every year for the last 4-5 years ..... well, every year they have a diff theme & the "table owners" get dressed up and soooooo, I don't remember what their theme was this year, but my mom was Dolly Parton and her friend, Cricket, was Mae West....... anyway, I just thought this was a riot! and I had to share ........ even though my mom freaked when I told her that she's on the hospital's website................. oh, their group won the most creative award, that's why they made it on the web

************ you better scroll down to check out my Guest CT Call.......
you wouldn't want to miss out on this fab opportunity, would you???

Saturday, June 02, 2007

it's Guest CT time again....

and this time it's for a 2 month stint.......
well, I guess it will be more like a 1.5 month stint because of the application deadline
**the ad was made with a paper from my Livid Vivid Paper Pack Collection (to be released very soon)**

*You must truly love my designs. I have stores at One of a Kind Scrapz (OAKS),
Hooked on DigiScrap (HODS), and Plain Digital Wrapper (PDW).
*Scrap four LOs/month featuring my goodies.
You can mix and match any of my items together...
mix with other designer's work too........
as long as mine is truly showcased
*participate in my CT forum
*participate in fun contests to win gift certificates to your fave stores
*and...most, have fun, & be silly
*please send me a link to your best gallery &
tell me a little about why you would love to be on my team
(extra credit given for creativity)
*e-mail me at saranohw(at) and please use "CT Call" in the subject line
*application deadline is June 10th, midnight PST

now go scroll through my blog and have fun :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

today was the day

This was the good-bye day. Lisa and her kids are flying back to STL in the morning. We celebrated her youngest son's 2nd birthday today at the pool with all of our good friends. It was cupcakes and fun for the kids and a farewell party for all of us mom friends. Three of us decided to give her some pics from throughout this last year. I, of course, scrapped them and then I had our playgroup friends make one personal page each. Everything turned out sooooooo cute and Lisa loved it tons.
Here are the pages that I made ...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I mostly used goodies by myself (Sara Ellis) and Faith True. Please go HERE to see the complete credits. (I'm so sorry about that big space gap between LOs....I could not get rid of it for the life of me..........ugh!!!!!!)

They fly away Saturday morning. Monday or Tuesday will be strange when I won't be able to call her up to go hang at the pool or the park. Oh well, we have cell phones and e-mail. and...Lisa, Mary, and I are already planning a girls getaway weekend for next Spring. hooray hooray!


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