Saturday, June 30, 2007

French and Spanish lessons....

spice up your work with a little Espanol and Francois

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The Itty Bitty Beach Party at our pool was super cute!
Hudson and Griffin had a ball, as well as all the other bizillion kids there. was sooooo packed!

Besides that little fact, there were bunches of goodies for the kids.... free plastic leis and matching sunglasses / an Itty Bitty dance contest / little plastic pools filled with bubbles & wands, sand & sand toys, fishing toys /pictures with the mascot polar bears (oh yea, over 100 degrees and there were two people in polar bear costumes...crazy!) / little tattoos / tons of rafts (alligators, big spirals, whales, toddler cars, and more) /free corndogs from Sonic....
....and all of this was FREE.

so cool! too bad we have to wait until next year for another one at that pool

the only sad/bad note out of this morning was the fact that I still don't have a camera
(I hurt mine on the beach when a nasty wave crept up and splashed me and my camera)
......sooooo I have to finish up the rest of my little disposable underwater camera
before I can get the pics developed


please scroll down to see all of the other business that I have going on
...along with OAKS new look


TaraP said...

sorry to hear about your camera getting wet,, I can beat that though,, last summer I was walking around my backyard taking pictures. When I got near the steps to my inground pool I decided to get my feet wet. Well, I ended up slipping on the steps and fell in the pool camera and all. Probably looked hilarious from my neighbors yard but I wanted to cry cause the camera was ruined. Have since bought a replacement and I'm staying far away from the pool whenever it's in my hands!

Pink Pixels said...

No! No! No! You can't be without your camera!! That's like death to scrappers! :)

Glad the party went swimmingly! ;)

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Great stuff gping on over at oaks..have to take a closer look there! :-)

Sounds like the party was great and all those kids had fun! :-)

How bad about you´re camera...Well, I´ve got a spare one, well not an expensive one, but never leving the house without and the little thing that happened to you, could have been sad and hope you get a new one soon..hugs!

Have a great day!

Helena said...

Oh! I'm so sorry to hear about your camera! I would cry. (Thankfully we only have very small waves around here, if any!)


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