Friday, June 15, 2007

happiness time continued me slow
......but ...
I finally got on the Kaboodle bandwagon thanks to Kristen (Quirky)... she added me as a friend to give me that extra shove to join ....... oh wow! is this a cool set-up or what? So far I have 2 lists with items (my digiscrappin' wishin' and Sara Ellis' Designs). I still have many items to add to my Designs list, but at least I have it started so people can shop off of it :) It's so cool how you can search other people's lists to find more goodies and just search digital scrapbooking and find a plethora of items soooo easily .... anyway, if you are already a Kaboodler or are just going to join now, please feel free to click on my profile pic, then on the "add as a friend" icon under my profile pic

now go get addicted!


well... a few days ago I mentioned that there was more happiness news that I wanted to share with you.....well, that unfortunately turned into sad news yesterday.....I'll blog about that a bit later...this time it's all happy happy joy joy talk :)


my Happy Happy Joy Joy Sale started on Wednesday..... I am so sorry I'm just now getting around to telling you now...... but it is continuing through Monday so there are still plenty more days to have fun.........
it's happenin' at both my OAKS and PDW stores... I have a few commercial goodies at OAKS too


well, remember that I was Queen of the Day at DST on Wednesday??? well, if you never saw the answers to the questions that were thrown at me then... I thought I would copy and paste them for you here too so you can get to know me a tad better

1. Aside from scrapbooking, what creative outlets do you have?......
I guess you could say my boys...I'm a FT mom to my 2.5 yo & 1.5 yo sons (Hudson and Griffin) so I stay pretty busy either with them or on the computer ...... I'm also a PT son to my oldest son, Cooper, he'll be 17 on July 5th (yes, I have a 14 yr gap and a little 13 month gap)

2. What is your favorite thing to wear? .....well, I wear my tanks and flip flops almost every day
3. What is your least favorite household chore? ...ALL of them!
4. Share your "designer story". How did you get started? welll, I learned that digi-scrapping existed in March of '06 while I hung out at many fabulous designers and scrappers came from there (Victoria Feemster, Faith True, Andrea Burns, Amanda Heimann, and sooo many more I can't even think of right now). Sooo, that's how I started scrapping. I then tinkered with designing while on the Elements Team at DSC from August 06 until January 07. In January, I began my first real design gig at HODS and then a month or two later, I started over at OAKS (Faith and Victoria have been fabulous mentors for me...and I adore them a ton)
5. Who is YOUR favorite designer right now? ....gosh, a favorite....that's soo hard...there are so many great people out there....and I really don't scrap too much anymore...and when I do, it's mainly with Faith's fun goodies.... even though I have so many fabulous finds from other designers that I still haven't used yet pretty new designer and friend of mine who is super talented is Sarah Grimwood (you just have to check her out, if you haven't done so yet)

what inspires you?????,.....whatever thing happens to pop in my head

coffee or tea???....tea....but I'm more of a plain and basic water drinker

movie or tv??? because that's I ever watch...I might go to a movie with my oldest son every 3 months or so, they are too dang expensive now

pink or blue???.....wellll...I absolutely love pink, the brighter and sassier the better....but I wear blues more because they look better on me

how you can be a mom to two small children and design?
LOL...I really don't sleep much

I live on my computer most every naptime...I use my laptop sometimes in the kitchen (it's connected to our game/play room that's supposed to be a dining room)....and I don't go to sleep until after midnight most nights


don't you want to make sure that you always know what's happening with me????
be sure to add yourself to my 411 list (you can add your e-mail over on the top right side) to never be left off my blog updates


Maggie said...

Thanks for the info about kaboodle.
Have a great weekend.

Aud said...

cool -- so fun that you posted the questions here. I'm going to have to check out Kaboodle as well.

KirstieGai said...

congrats on your QOTD, that's great. I'm a Kaboodler too so I'll add you to my friends.

Sorry to hear that you have sad news. Hope you are well.


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