Wednesday, June 27, 2007

craziness coming ahead very soon

ok...sooooo craziness is happening all of the time with me.......but pretty soon it's going to be even crazier!

OAKS is going to start having blog challenges every Friday. Every week will have a unique challenge. I'm sponsoring the very first one and 2 lucky winners will get prizes from me. (yay!!!) I'm giving away a $10 gc for my store and Silly Scatters part 2. Silly Scatters part 2 won't even be in my stores until after the challenge is over. So that means that the lucky winner gets it way before anyone else. One more special cool thing about it..... This one will also be available in PNG+ format (PSD and PNG+). It will be the very first goodie of mine offered in PNG+. OK, this winner is really going to have a big smile on her face, isn't she?

Thank you so much to everyone that has already grabbed up my first Silly Scatters. I am so thrilled that everyone loves them as much as they do. They've been so fun to make! Who knows how many sets I'll end up making. I can feel another Silly Circles coming up soon too. I've been itching to make a new one of those for a while. (scroll down to see my 1st set and how to grab it)

don't forget to go to OAKS blog on Friday for new challenge fun


more OAKS fun - I am going to be the very first Scrapz Spotlight featured designer. The first 2 weeks of July are going to be alllllll about me. I get to host a chat or two, whatever challenges I'd like to do, just have fun being me and showing more people who I am. If you have some bright and sunny ideas to get people jumpin' for joy, I'd love to hear them. PLEASE!

******* you can probably tell by now, changes are happening at OAKS very soon....One of a Kind Scrapz is going to be celebrating it's 1 year anniversary all month long in July. Fun Festivities will be happening and changing every weekend. You can't miss out! Tons of fab designers are over there:
Danielle Engebretson
Dawn Wilson
DC Designs
Doreen Stolz
Faith & Victoria
Faith True
Heather Watson
Jeanelle Paige
Jennifer Barrette
Jessica Gorny
Karen Lewis
Laura Pitman
Misty Maier
Pamela Gibson
Rachel Martin
Sara Ellis
Sarah Grimwood
Scrapz Duo's
Sherri Tierney
Sherry Ferguson
Victoria Feemster

how easy is this for you to check out each talented designer????
Just click on any name to go directly to their store (including mine).

The site is going to look completely diff too.


I'm also finishing up my first contribution for Scraps for Charity. Talk about bright and sunny! You'll really love these sunshiny colors for July. Want to check out June's collab? Just click HERE. It is to benefit the National Down Syndrome Society. July's is for The Ronald McDonald House. And...the S4C website is getting revamped also.


reminders --- sign up for my news over on the right side bar .........
go to OAKS blog ......
give me ideas for being the Scrapz Spotlight designer.....
go shopping in my stores (sorry...just had to plug myself since I'm doing this reminder list today)
........and scroll down to see more fab goodies from me



Noee01 said...

the templates look great!

Kristen (Quirky) said...

girl I love those!!!!!! Tooooo cool!!!!! And you got a ton of places for pics!!!! They rock rock rock!!!!

AbbysMomma said...

Great templates!!!

Thena said...

Just saying hello! I'm loving checking out your blog.


dale ann cubbage said...

Those are the cutest little templates ever! Girl you do rock! I love your silly silly style!!!

Thanks for plugging all the designers at OAKS too. That was fabulous of you!


Sarah said...

Lots of exciting news!!! Congratulations!! I love your new templates!!


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