Friday, September 29, 2006

my poopy week (literally).... boys have had fun with me the last few days.......

Wednesday Hudson decided to share his stinky diaper with his little brother (see posting below). Last night while giving them their bath, Griffin decided to poop in the tub. Oh yay! I guess he wanted to share a little with Hudson this time. Then..this morning....we woke up to little tiny feet pattering around on the tile. I walked into the kitchen and saw Hudson walking out in the backyard NAKED. He crawled out the doggie door. So fun. He was obviously having a blast. Well, we brought him back in the house, walked in their bedroom, and found his diaper (stinky diaper) in Griffin's crib. At least this time it wasn't smeared all over the place and Griff only had it on his feet & ankles (he spared his face and hands this time). we're contemplating duct-taping his diaper on him (at least that's what my hubby wants to do). Doesn't that sound fun? Maybe I'll just have to try some pull-ups at night. He takes his pj's off and then his diaper...then who knows how long he's having fun naked before he lets us know he's raring to go for the day. We also can't leave the doggie door locked so our dog can go outside anytime. Oh..what boys we have.

Since it's time for another blog freebie....I thought it was only fitting to offer up an add-on to my Manic Martians kit. I have two patterned papers and a funtabulous Alpha for you.
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download here & enjoy!!!

You can enjoy the full kit at Scrapbook-Bytes. Just click here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

my lovely morning.....

Hudson decided to have some fun....AGAIN....with Griffin. He acted like he wanted an early nap this morning, so I put both of them in their room. Wellll, about 30 minutes later Hudson started roaming around the house. I walked the boys room and smelled one BEAUTIFUL aroma, found a naked little Hudson, and then went into their room to a scene that I expected. A stinky diaper was shared with Griffin and it appeared like Griff thought it was a great toy to play with. After 1.5 hours of giving them a bath and cleaning their room, it was their regular naptime. Yippee! During their nap, I just HAD to work on this LO. (I, of course, had to snap some pics before any of the clean-up began.)

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credits: Rockin' Ransom kit by me, Sara Ellis...and fonts are Valium & Tuesday (my husband saw my note with the font names & he thought I was reminding myself to take some valium on Tuesday....sooo funny)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

poor neglected Griffin.....

I just went through all of my postings looking for a LO of Griffin, my 1 yr old, and I just realized that I never posted a single one of him. If I did, somehow I missed them. I'm so bad. He is definitely up at some galleries.

It's show & tell time for him now.
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credits & details here

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credits and details here

ok....gotta run now & play with the little ones..........I'll share a couple more LOs tomorrow, including one of Cooper, my oldest, later tonight or tomorrow sometime
a few LOs to share with you...

I thought it was time to add a couple more LOs that I've recently completed. I'd love to see some comments.

***(The 2 Ta-Da's below are still available as freebies...just scroll down & enjoy!)***

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credits & details here

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credits & details here

In October my DSC challenge freebie is this fun little kit that I designed, "Team Sparky". I was given these colors to work with and they just happened to fit so perfectly into an ASU inspired one. Something that my husband definitely adores. I hope you all will too. You'll just have to participate in an October Descriptive Word Challenge at DSC to grab it.
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Monday, September 25, 2006 it the best you can!

ok....non-scrappy stuff for me right now......

I happened to read a blog earlier from a "Momma" named Gina. She couldn't sleep last night because she just lost her oldest son to a "horrific skateboarding accident". About an hour and a half later I found out about Jon Moss. Jon finally lost his huge battle with Cancer. He had a beautiful spirit and I'm sure he is finally at peace now. We walked in the Climb to Conquer Cancer every year on Team Moss (except this year since we had two boys under 18 months at that time). Anyway, all day I have been at home with my two youngest sons, but my oldest one, Cooper, is 16 and he lives with his dad full-time in St. Louis. Since I can't call him when he's in school, I texted him that I love him. I know it caught him off guard and he called me as soon as he got off of his schoolbus. He does that most any day anyways, but I just wanted him to get a little virtual hug from me earlier today. Only two more weeks until he's back here again for his next long weekend from school. I can't wait! little ones are napping right now...I feel like we need to go out and do something ...not just sit here & do something "tomorrow". Sometimes it's a bit difficult to remember to live for the moment because you never really know what is around the corner in your life.

I have a beautiful kit I'm working on. The papers are so smudged and so beautiful, but I wasn't really sure about the direction to take this kit. Now I know. It will be called "Luminous Life". Here's one quote that I will be including as talk (a/k/a word art): Difficult times have helped me to understand better than before, how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way, and that so many things that one goes worrying about are of no importance whatsoever...-- Isak Dinesen

Smiles everyone...and PLEASE have a beautiful day!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Two Ta-Da freebies...from me to you...

I decided to make a couple of Ta-Da's ...or as you might recognize them as QPs, quickpages, ploppers...but, to me, they are Ta-Da' in 1 or 2 little steps and "Ta-Da" it's done ...just like little kids like to throw their little arms up in the air and say "Ta-Da" when they are so proud of something they've accomplished

both of these are add-ons for my "Hudson & his Airplanes" kit, that is available at DigiScrap Central's Scrap Shop
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download 1
download 2

Friday, September 22, 2006

A Brand Spankin' New Challenge...

Time for a new type of challenge, a Descriptive Word Challenge. I will be hosting a new word challenge every couple weeks at DSC.

Our first descriptive word - SPIRIT

What kind of spirit would you like to celebrate? A child's free spirit? your favorite sport's team? pride in your country? a horse named Spirit? your daughter's cheerleading squad?

Let's see how many interpretations there are.

Please upload your LO in DSC's challenge gallery & then post the link in DSC's Descriptive Word Challenge thread so you can get your prize kit when the challenge is over.

my LO, Sundevil Spirit
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credits here
the beautiful freebie kit, "Autumn Butterflies" (designed by me) will be given to all that participate in this marvelous challenge
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****my "Spunky Stars" freebie below is still available...scroll down to grab it :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

update time!!!

wow!!!!!! my "Spunky Stars" sure are popular! thank you soooo much for loving them! Let's see how fast the next 100 links fly away. I updated the link below (it's below the stars preview, you can't miss it).

For all of you new fans, I wanted to share my other available goodies with you. I have 3 freebie kits available at SBB (find them here) and 2 kits for sale at DSC (find them here).

You can also scroll down a bit to find my freebie "Susie Sorority" kit. I think it's still available for a couple more days (unless the 100 downloads disappear faster).

And...... Hudson is back to his usual goofy self now. Yay! It was so scary for all of us (especially him) whenever he threw up. I'm so glad we're through that terrible rough week.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hudson's 2nd birthday ...freebie for you

My son, Hudson, turned 2 on the 14th so I want to celebrate with all of you. Unfortunately he has been sick for a week now (not a fun b-day week) with Strep. If you don't already know, little kid strep wreaks havoc with the whole body. Today was the first time in a week that he didn't throw up. So, yay to that.

Anyway...back to your freebie ...."Spunky Stars"....I have 30 patterned or smudgy stars in this package, including 16 textured ones....oh, they are all so fun you can tell, half of them are star shaped frames so there is so much you can do with these goodies.
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Please leave me some lovin' when you grab this treat (&/or about my LOs or anything else you feel like gabbing about)....I also always love seeing your creative work too.
download "spunky stars"


here's my birthday boy...
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credits here

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credits here

Friday, September 15, 2006

"Spunky Stars" Freebie coming soon...

Hopefully by Saturday night I'll have up this fabulous stars package. I was hoping to have it up by now, but it just keeps growing by more stars. Thursday, the 14th, was Hudson's 2nd birthday so I've been working on this in honor of him.

Stay tuned!

****Also....I corrected the "Susie Sorority" link below. Look for the link that says CORRECTED.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Rockin' Ransom" is now available...

Yay! It's my fabulous, hip, rocker, baby kit. I offered up a tattoo and a paper in the last couple of weeks as sneak peek freebies. Now you can get the full kit in DSC's Scrap Shop. Hurry! I think it will only be available for a month.
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Go Scrap Sassy Silly!

***please leave me your thoughts, wisdoms, or just some fun
it's FREEBIE time again...

I'm so sorry! I just realized that I don't have a freebie available anymore since my last one just expired. I just cna't have that happen, can I? hmmmmmmm, nope! Sooooo, I'm offering up my "Susie Sorority" kit. It hasn't been seen anywhere before yet. You get it before anyone else. Don't you feel special??? It's the kit that I used to make my blog header. Isn't it a little obvious? "Susie Sorority" has 12 papers (my favorite is the plaid), a Greek Alpha+, lots of tags, & a few other great embellishments. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Please enjoy and leave me a little love note when you grab it.

CORRECTED LINK for Susie Sorority

Now...go Scrap Sassy Silly!

****but before you do, you can take a gander at a couple of my recent LOs of my son, Hudson (he'll be two tomorrow)....I'll post a few more within the next couple of days for you to enjoy too
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credits here
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
credits here you can really go Scrap Sassy Silly :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

wow....I actually completed a couple LOs

This is the first time that I have made an LO in a couple months.
This first one is with my husband and son, Hudson, sitting in my hubby's old high school Camaro from the early 80s. Right now it sits over at his dads house with a tarp over it and it hasn't been able to run in several years. Jeff can't wait for the day when he can bring it back to life with our two little guys. As for now, every time we are over at their house, Hudson is obsessed with "driving" it with his Daaaa.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Credits: Kit, my Mini kit contribution for DSC's September Mega Kit....the fonts are Rostrum Two and Hockey is Lif

This adorable "sisters" one is of our friend's little girls. The newborn, Lily Claire, was the inspiration for this kit. All of the colors were taken from the original photo.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Credit: "Lily Claire" available as a freebie at SBB and "Lily Claire Blog Only Add-on" kit available here ...I actually offered up this add-on freebie a few weeks ago so the preview is in a previous post, it includes three papers & a cute frame

***Please leave me a little love note when you grab my freebie....or just leave me a love note for the fun of it........thanks!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

another sneak peek FREEBIE

I submitted my newest kit, "Rockin' Ransom" to Digiscrap Central for sale. Oh, it's soooo fun! My last posting on here was all about my inspiration. Anyway, it probably won't officially be up for sale for another couple of days....soooooo, in the meantime, please enjoy another sneak peak at this great kit.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This is 1 of 4 tattoos that I have included in the kit.

As always, please leave me a little love note when you grab any of my freebies.



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