Wednesday, September 27, 2006

my lovely morning.....

Hudson decided to have some fun....AGAIN....with Griffin. He acted like he wanted an early nap this morning, so I put both of them in their room. Wellll, about 30 minutes later Hudson started roaming around the house. I walked the boys room and smelled one BEAUTIFUL aroma, found a naked little Hudson, and then went into their room to a scene that I expected. A stinky diaper was shared with Griffin and it appeared like Griff thought it was a great toy to play with. After 1.5 hours of giving them a bath and cleaning their room, it was their regular naptime. Yippee! During their nap, I just HAD to work on this LO. (I, of course, had to snap some pics before any of the clean-up began.)

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credits: Rockin' Ransom kit by me, Sara Ellis...and fonts are Valium & Tuesday (my husband saw my note with the font names & he thought I was reminding myself to take some valium on Tuesday....sooo funny)

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