Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hudson's 2nd birthday ...freebie for you

My son, Hudson, turned 2 on the 14th so I want to celebrate with all of you. Unfortunately he has been sick for a week now (not a fun b-day week) with Strep. If you don't already know, little kid strep wreaks havoc with the whole body. Today was the first time in a week that he didn't throw up. So, yay to that.

Anyway...back to your freebie ...."Spunky Stars"....I have 30 patterned or smudgy stars in this package, including 16 textured ones....oh, they are all so fun you can tell, half of them are star shaped frames so there is so much you can do with these goodies.
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Please leave me some lovin' when you grab this treat (&/or about my LOs or anything else you feel like gabbing about)....I also always love seeing your creative work too.
download "spunky stars"


here's my birthday boy...
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credits here

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Annette said...

Happy Birthday to your cute boy and thank you for the wonderful stars!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you for the stars...they are really cute.:) Also Happy Birthday to your son..sorry he is sick.:(

KimberlyP said...

What a cutie and happy birthday to him! Thank you for the cute stars in his honor!

Danielle said...

Thank you for sharing!

DigiBrandi said...

Very cute stars. Thanks!

JoAnn said...

How cute! I'm sorry I missed it! :)

Lisa said...

These are sooo cute but the download limit has been reached. Any chance you can renew it? Pretty please??? Hugs!

Lisa said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to your little cutie!!! It's a hard thing to be sick on your birthday but he's a doll.

The luckiest mommy of all! said...

darn I missed it!!!

Petrasmemories said...

great freebie but unfortunately the link has expired, amazing that 100 downloads have been made and only 9 comments This makes me cross , it only takes two minutes to type thanks for an awesome freebie.

Please let me know if you re-upload the link as I would love to have a chance to download it.



mgc said...

Thanks for the stars, I missed them the first time around. But got them this time!


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