Tuesday, September 19, 2006

update time!!!

wow!!!!!! my "Spunky Stars" sure are popular! thank you soooo much for loving them! Let's see how fast the next 100 links fly away. I updated the link below (it's below the stars preview, you can't miss it).

For all of you new fans, I wanted to share my other available goodies with you. I have 3 freebie kits available at SBB (find them here) and 2 kits for sale at DSC (find them here).

You can also scroll down a bit to find my freebie "Susie Sorority" kit. I think it's still available for a couple more days (unless the 100 downloads disappear faster).

And...... Hudson is back to his usual goofy self now. Yay! It was so scary for all of us (especially him) whenever he threw up. I'm so glad we're through that terrible rough week.

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