Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Amazing Etsy Monday (on a Tuesday)

Welcome to Amazing Etsy Monday - even if it is on Tuesday.  My fabulous Labor Day weekend got in the way of blogging yesterday.
I feature undiscovered treasures just waiting for someone to love and adore them.

So anyway..... as of the moment I searched through Etsy, none of these shop owners have had any sales in their stores. There are so many amazing Etsy items available,

these just need a little extra attention because they really really deserve it.   I also try to choose items with very reasonable prices.

If you aren't familiar with Etsy, you have been missing out.

It's a super fabulous web home to crafters & artists of all types.

You can find something for just a couple bucks to something a few hundred dollars. Who knows, maybe even in the thousands.

I know there are some one of a kind large paintings and sculptures available.

Hopefully you like some of these awesome finds...

(all item descriptions are linked so you can easily shop)

I'm also including the list prices too.. some are fabulous bargains!

I hope you enjoyed my newest finds.

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