Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I am sooooo tired......

ok...I know part of this is my fault since I stay up late so I can have my me time....and I really wasn't going to stay up too late last night.... BUT.... Cooper showed me that Big Brother After Dark was on Showtime........hello! that hooked me....it's so funny to watch these people and their little catty fights and all...... I think I stayed up until 1:30ish watching it .......and then Hudson woke up at 2 for a few minutes.....and then again at 4:45...I put him back in his room, but I really don't think he slept at all...and woke me up again at 5:45...Griffin also got up then..... oh so fun! ..........this was actually a repeat of two nights ago (minus Big Brother After Dark)..........well, I guess that night was worse because both of them woke up from 1:45 - 2:30 super chipper and never wanted to sleep until 2:30ish........they better not do this to me again tonight..ugh!


some RAKing fun.....
part of the reason I was up when they woke up a couple nights ago was because I RAKd a ton of people at DST (see the thread I started to find some friends).........and it was quite fun!............well, I RAKd them earlier in the day, but I was just replying to a bunch of PMs that night............... I might do something like that on a monthly basis

Get Naked and Go Streakin!

yesterday morning I added a couple super dee duper paper packs to my OAKS store......
I LOVE them & hope you will too

feel like gettin' naked & going streakin?????

all the colors are blended very nicely for some incredible streaks

each pack includes 3 fab handpainted papers ...... very lively and fun for any o
f your creative masterpieces

and...the best part ............each 3 pack is only $1

grab them HERE


today is my last day at PDW....... I was a June/July Guest Designer and my time has come to an end since it's July 31st...........so I'm back to being exclusive at OAKS


now.... it's Sneak Peek #2 ......

a couple days ago I gave you a sneak peek at my OAKS Birthday Presents grab bag ..... I literally showed you 1/5 of the previews ......... well, now you'll get another 1/5 ......this coordinates with my Livid Vivid Morning Paper Pack that is already available in my store

sooooooo...now you know 2 of my 5 new fun goodies packed into my grab bag ..... and until tomorrow night you can get all this for ONLY $2........what a steal! what are you waiting for ...
go grab it HERE now


ok.....would any of you be interested in updating my plain white blog for me???????? it really needs some color...current blinkies and info in my sidebar, a fun music clip, blah, blah, blah.........but I am sooooo not into any of that...and I don't feel like reading tuts about it......

if you are willing to assist me....I'll get you some fab GCs from me and a couple other OAKS designers....just leave me your e-mail address in your reply ...... and I would be forever grateful!


that's it for now...........except for the little reminder to sign up for my blog updates over on the right hand side bar ....... all of my blog posts will go directly to your e-mail box usually the day after I blog

Sunday, July 29, 2007

ADSR and some teasing

ADSR week 2 is now over ...for me that is, Jolie still needs to do the 4th challenge....

challenge #3 was sponsored by KB & Friends..we were to pick one of these themes: Once Upon a Time; Three Wishes; If I were Queen (or Princess or Prince or King) of the World...
and here's mine:

and challenge 4 was sponsored by PDW...our instructions for this one were
1) The letter "G" must be prominent in your layout. You must use the word "Goal" at least once in your layout.

2) Have fun! and Happy Scrappin'

not too difficult......for my simple LO ...
you can view all credits HERE (hint: everything from Faith True & some from her OAKS Birthday Present grab bag which is available right now)


potty training update:
Hudson has gone poo-poo in the potty for 4 days in a row......yay! now, if I could only be brave enough to have him wear his big boy pants when we leave the house


it's been pretty sad in Phoenix the last few days.... if you haven't heard, two of our news copters crashed into each other while they were covering a stolen truck chase with the police ... the one very lucky thing about the crash was that it happened over a very grassy spot in a city park...there
were tall buildings, busy streets, a hospital, apartments all around it, even the playground at the park... the only fatalities were the 4 in the copters & I haven't heard of any other injuries

the stupid idiot that store the truck ended up breaking into a house and barricaded himself in there.... he let a boy out of the house so he ran to a neighbor's and called his step-dad...how would you like to get that phone call? ....... well, the SWAT team ended up shooting one of those bean bag things at him to knock the wind out of him, then let a canine in to get him, and then tasered him ...they transported him to the hospital before jail ...........personally, I think he deserved it


ok...on to a happier note again.......

our OAKS Birthday Presents grab bags .......today is officially the last day of them in our store...but some of us will be keeping them in the store a bit longer.........mine will be av
ailable until Wednesday night

soooooooooooo many of them are just jam packed with tons of fabulous goodies...waaaaay more than what anyone should allow

grab it HERE for only $2

no quite sure? how about a little sneak of a peek??? (1/5 of my goodies)
ok.....now isn't this hand painted alpha soooo fun????

Thursday, July 26, 2007

poo poo in the potty :)

Hudson went poo poo in the potty yesterday for the very first time. YAY! He started the slow potty training process on the 4th of July. The only way for him to actually use his potty is if he's naked......so that means he's running around the house all day naked...until he goes to sleep....then - it's diaper time. He's tried a few times to just wear his big boy pants (training pants), but we always end up with a wet bed. I just keep saying it's a learning experience. One time he'll get tired of having a nasty diaper on. We still haven't even tried to go without a diaper (or pull-ups) when we leave the house. I'm way too scared of that possible accident.

Hudson will be 3 in September.

If you have any bright and fabulous advice, I'd love to hear it.


My nose is still extremely clogged ...or.... runny...one or the other.... so not fun! Aren't you excited I shared that with you.


Yesterday I blogged about my OAKS Birthday Presents grab bag....BUT.... I never had a chance to hop on the Blog Train. I'd really appreciate it if you could scroll down and take a gander at my preview. I have lots of great sneak peaks on it.

Most all of the other designers have their Birthday Presents in the store now too. I've seen previews of almost every one of them and WOW! I am being soooo serious! Most of them are bursting at the seams with 4-5 products each, some even more. Talk about sheer craziness for only $2 each!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

oodles & oodles of birthday presents

over 70MB of excitement just bursting at the seams of these boxes

only $2 - an EXTREME BARGAIN


***sorry...this is short & sweet.....I'll try to add more later tonight***

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


wellllll....for those of you that knew me at the end of August/beginning of May.....you might remember that I went on a girl's 40th birthday weekend trip to Rocky Point, Mexico at the end of April.....AND...I still don't think I've posted any pics from it...I know I have done any LOs yet either...yes, bad me
.......wellllll, I do have a Rocky Point pic of me in the LO for the ADSR #2 challenge
........and..... an article about our excursion was just printed in the Mizzou (U of Missouri) Magazine ... in the next few months one will be in our Alpha Phi Quarterly magazine and also in our Alpha Phi Omicron newsletter (just for the Mizzou Phis)
...and now....here it is for you...

As a member of Alpha Phi at Mizzou, I met some of my closest friends in the sorority house. We were roommates, bridesmaids for each other and were there when babies were born. Now 20 years later, we're all still the best of friends. Although we are separated by 2000 miles, we're only a phone call or an e-mail away from each other. As our group approached age 40 this year, five of us decided to celebrate this major “event” together.

The girls in St. Louis left their husbands at home with the kids and flew to Arizona to meet up with two of us who live here, less than a mile from each other. We took off the next day and drove to Rocky Point, Mexico, where we spent four days in the sun, on the beach and in the ocean laughing and reminiscing about our days in college and all of the fun we had together. Other than aging a little, none of us had really changed from who we were then.

We all had a great time and bought matching bracelets to mark the occasion. In fact, we had so much fun together that we're already planning our “girls trip to Vegas” for next year and a “Happy 42nd Birthday” trip somewhere else because we're pretty sure we won't be able to wait until we turn 45 to see each other again. We hope a few more of our old roommates will be able to make the next trip with us. God Bless our friends and the days we spent at Mizzou! Truman's Tail - Click Here!

— Jill Waldrop, BA '90

PHOTO: Alpha Phi reunion
Alpha Phi sorority sisters enjoy a 40th birthday celebration in Mexico. They are from left: Stacey Kammerer, Amy Tvrdik, Sara Ellis, Jill Waldrop and Angela Lieb. Stacey Kammerer photo

yes, we had to pose in our Phi shirts one afternoon :)


welllllll.... gosh, I've had a lot of wells today, haven't I? anyway, my sale dollar items are still ready for everyone in OAKS Dollar Deals store....I think I'm keeping them on sale until I make my OAKS Birthday Presents available (Scrapz Sacks/Grab Bags...whatever you'd like to call them) ..... I'm trying to gt mine in the store tomorrow .... I think a couple designers might have them available today...but the majority will be ready over the weekend ........................and, from what I've seen so far, most are HUGE! I really mean HUGE! ... some designers have been throwing things in theirs for over a month and they just keep growing ...kind of like mine...I feel like mine will be exploding because of all the fun goodness inside


I received my d/l links today for completing the first week of the ADSR challenges :) ... YAY! ...I have some d/l happening right now :) ............. now I just have to start working on challenge #3 (AFTER my OAKS Birthday Presents are in the store & AFTER I complete my portion on the next Scraps For Charity collab contribution)


have you seen Quirky's blog???? if not, you should.... every week she posts 5 fabulous digi-finds... and the most recent one has one she found off of my Kaboodle list :) - some of the talented Audacious wordart


ok.......... I have a stupid award for someone today.......... oh yea...and she deserves it ... see HERE
....some might call it sad or crazy...but dang, she needs some real help & I think she might get some like Paris recently did, if you know what I mean


now...just wish my cold away for me ...and my day will be super happy :) ... the right side of my head has been super stuffy since yesterday afternoon :(


Sunday, July 22, 2007

the race has begun :)

ok...the big ADSR has been in gear for a week now.....

the 1st challenge was supposed to be about a museum or gallery and contain the word amazing ....I think mine turned out pretty darn funny........and COOL!


the 2nd challenge, sponsored by Pickleberry Pop, was for a collaborative LO (1 LO by both of us) and it had to include a doodle, the color red, a flower, and be about friendship

soooo...here's ours...

http://www.digishoptalk.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=151226&limit=recent s

now I have to start working on challenge #3 ...stay tuned for that one


now......... I am working on some super cool painted flourishes and alpha......but my only issue is that my OAKS Scrapz Sack is already getting crowded (it'll be in the store Wed or Thurs) ... sooooo I might just have to make a 2nd one so I can sell a grab bag over at PDW too .....
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ......what to do what to do???????

Friday, July 20, 2007

$1 - $1 - $1 - $1 - $1

grab them HERE
$1 all the time...oh yea...brand new...and only $1 each....

and TONS of goodies in OAKS brand new Dollar Deals section of the store (new and sale items) .......including a whole bunch of things from me marked down to a mere $1 each until late Sunday night

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

it's been too long

.....sorry for the long delay...I can't believe it's been a week since I last blogged ......
it's been a bit crazy around here & my internet time has decreased since Cooper is here....my wireless is screwy & rarely works ......... at least I'm getting more design projects done on my laptop

what's been happening since the 3rd???....
*the 4th of July we went to a friend's pool party & watched the fireworks......they have a HUGE backyard which is a rarity in Phoenix...and one of the big fireworks displays was just a few blocks away & the view was pretty great from where we were....the boys loved them, but a bit too long for their attention span.........I can't believe how well they did, we didn't leave the party until 10:20 & they were soo great ....... .... Coop had a blast playing basketball in the pool and had fun on the rockslide & so did Griffin....he's not even 2 and he just loved that thing so much...he went down by himself with his arm floaties on, sunk in the water, popped up and asked for more......but Hudson would only go down the slide on my lap & that was it.................................and, I started potty training Hudson, he's doing pretty well when he's naked, but he has to be naked to even go pee-pee in his potty
*the 5th was Coop's 17th birthday (dang, that still makes me feel old) .... I made him wait until 8:45pm to get his presents...he almost didn't think he was going to get anything at all ..... he received FlightSimulator X and a new joystick for the computer (he wants to go into aeronautical engineering)....and then we're going to see Hootie and the Blowfish, along with Cowboy Mouth the beginning of August..just the two of us.......should be pretty fun
*the 6th was Jeff's and my 4th anniversary....we didn't really get each other anything (well, I did get him a small book) because we just got a new washer and dryer about a week ago which I'm super happy with.....we went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner (YUM!)..it was good, yummy crab legs, drinks, and super casual
*on the 7th, Coop and I saw Evan Almighty ...... it had a great message, kind of the same as the first one.....just a funny feel good movie, and corny at the same time
*jump to yesterday, the 10th........Jolie and I received our confirmation for the Amazing Digiscrapping Race (more a bit later in this blog)...........Hudson had another Speech Therapy session with Miss Kelly (it's an every Tuesday morning thing) & she went over the newest evaluation that she did last week, he is testing at the below 9th percentile range for his sounds in words which means somewhere below 2 yo level (more blogged below)........and then last night I hosted my first chat/challenge/crop at OAKS, I was worried nobody would be there and ended up with a pretty nice turnout & we had a ton of fun (more about that later too)

now for some fun stuff....

don't miss out at OAKS this weekend
There will be 3 links a day given. We will also have a spot on the forums for hints just in case ya might need em. So stop in, have some fun and get a free kit while you can!


and.......something from me....

**one big winner at each PDW and OAKS
**make sure e-mail addresses are valid with your purchases
**Ball of Fun at OAKS is not included


for my chat last night, I gave away this cute little mini, Makin' Magic....

and I gave everyone a challenge to make a LO using this and only one other color....everyone that links up their LO in this thread gets another little surprise from me ...........
and that's not all........I also gave everyone a bunch of T & F questions to get to know me better, I was going to just award the one with the most correct answers with another freebie, but it was a pain tallying up everyone's answers soooooooooo I was super generous and gave EVERYONE another freebie.....my Snazzy Snoodles Butterflies

and...I was sooo super impressed by Shell (shellshok) since she was at my chat..........she's in Germany so it was around 2 or 3 in the morning for her...............what a doll!!!!!


ADSR time........

wow!!! this second season is HUGE............ if you haven't signed up yet, sorry, it's too late now ..... you'll have to wait until season 3

Jolie Molino and I are teaming up together ......... I'm psyched! I need an extra push to do more LOs each month and this will be the perfect thing to get me going

how do you like our team blinkie??? and then there's the standard ADSR one with our name on it too

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Hudson's speech therapy........
we weren't too surprised that he tested below 2 yo for word sounds ...he'll be 3 in Sept........that's one reason why he's been in therapy for the last month and a half .............it's only 1 hour a week so we're really hoping that our school district accepts him for their pre-school therapy program....it's every day and more intensive...and FREE....it's supposed to be really good too ... I just mailed them Hudson's evaluation and I should find out next week ......they are supposed to take everyone that tests at least a year behind so we should be in for sure....if so, he'll be in school as of Aug 6th (smile)


ok...that's it for now.........
I'm heading to a sorority training conf tomorrow morning.........it's for all of the regional team members and above.........................and...NO internet access at all shile I'm gone except for at the airport.........I'm so scared to see what my inbox will look like on Sunday.....YIKES!!!


have fun wishing and shopping while I'm away ....................and...sign up for my blog updates...you'll get random freebies ........hint hint: I'm sending one out tonight before I leave :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a BALL of FUN...

only $15 more to add all of my Commercial use goodies

****only available July 1st - 14th****

It's all about me right now since I'm the first Scrapz Spotlight designer, so I'm having lots of fun.

You will get anything and everything you want from my store until the end of July. Yep, that's right, the end of July. Any and all new products added this month will be included (and there are Scrapz Sack and Dollar Deal weekends coming up so who knows what extra fun will be added). *personal and commercial use

to learn more, click HERE

I'm waaaay too stinkin' nice, aren't I?????


Cooper came into town yesterday to enjoy our hot hot heat. He'll be here until August 11th, just a couple days before he starts his Senior year. I swear, turning 40 in May is nothing...it's just a number...a very funny number..........BUT......having a son that will be 17 on Thursday....that makes me feel old!!!!!! Coop will be in college for 2 years before Hudson even attends Kindergarten. ..............................
oh, for those of you that don't know....Coop lives in St. Louis, MO full time with his dad and visits us in Phoenix a bunch during the year.


now be sure to scroll down to check out all th other fun OAKS new happenings going on right now with the 1 year anniversary of our store

Monday, July 02, 2007

tons of cool things at OAKS

brand spankin' new challenges....

Number Frenzy
One number will be given and a theme

Embellishment Explosion
One certain element is the focus

Not just a template....
A template is given with instruction to add something specific to it

Different layout inspiration will be given

these are all for the entire month of July .............AND.... each challenge is sponsored be an OAKS designer


do you love stars?????? of course you do!!!!! this is sooooooo fun for everyone!

this is available during all of July ...
start shopping HERE so you can grab this fab mega from all of our talented OAKS designers

and...here's my contribution..
2 papers
doodle stars corner overlay
2 envelope fasteners
felt stars corner
2 star paperclips


I finally scrapped last night...yay!!!!!.... it was the first time in over a month...
I didn't do a single LO for Faith's CT last month so I'm definitely making up for it this month....
her newest kit at OAKs, Kaleidoscope, is sooooo fab!

from now until July 8th....purchase Kaleidoscope and get her QP album for FREE...
how cool is that???

soooooo..anyway.....here's the first LO I did with it (see HERE for credits)

this is also for the Not Just a Template challenge...link up above...be sure to check it out

more OAKS news coming soon .... please subscribe to my blog (top right sidebar) to make sure you know everything that's happening with me and my stores :)


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