Sunday, July 29, 2007

ADSR and some teasing

ADSR week 2 is now over ...for me that is, Jolie still needs to do the 4th challenge....

challenge #3 was sponsored by KB & Friends..we were to pick one of these themes: Once Upon a Time; Three Wishes; If I were Queen (or Princess or Prince or King) of the World...
and here's mine:

and challenge 4 was sponsored by PDW...our instructions for this one were
1) The letter "G" must be prominent in your layout. You must use the word "Goal" at least once in your layout.

2) Have fun! and Happy Scrappin'

not too difficult......for my simple LO ...
you can view all credits HERE (hint: everything from Faith True & some from her OAKS Birthday Present grab bag which is available right now)


potty training update:
Hudson has gone poo-poo in the potty for 4 days in a row......yay! now, if I could only be brave enough to have him wear his big boy pants when we leave the house


it's been pretty sad in Phoenix the last few days.... if you haven't heard, two of our news copters crashed into each other while they were covering a stolen truck chase with the police ... the one very lucky thing about the crash was that it happened over a very grassy spot in a city park...there
were tall buildings, busy streets, a hospital, apartments all around it, even the playground at the park... the only fatalities were the 4 in the copters & I haven't heard of any other injuries

the stupid idiot that store the truck ended up breaking into a house and barricaded himself in there.... he let a boy out of the house so he ran to a neighbor's and called his would you like to get that phone call? ....... well, the SWAT team ended up shooting one of those bean bag things at him to knock the wind out of him, then let a canine in to get him, and then tasered him ...they transported him to the hospital before jail ...........personally, I think he deserved it


ok...on to a happier note again.......

our OAKS Birthday Presents grab bags is officially the last day of them in our store...but some of us will be keeping them in the store a bit longer.........mine will be av
ailable until Wednesday night

soooooooooooo many of them are just jam packed with tons of fabulous goodies...waaaaay more than what anyone should allow

grab it HERE for only $2

no quite sure? how about a little sneak of a peek??? (1/5 of my goodies) isn't this hand painted alpha soooo fun????


-eVa- said...

Oh great takes on the challenges for ADSR! Wish you good luck!

Blythe said...

Love your LO's for the race!! And I know where you are witht he potty training. We are in the same boat except my son is refusing to go potty anywhere but home right now and yesterday we were out ALL day, ugh!! Good luck with the rest of it!

Sandra said...

We got over the potty training hump some time back... I feel your pain! Good luck venturing out!

Nathy said...

I love you LO's
good luck :)


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