Sunday, July 22, 2007

the race has begun :)

ok...the big ADSR has been in gear for a week now.....

the 1st challenge was supposed to be about a museum or gallery and contain the word amazing ....I think mine turned out pretty darn funny........and COOL!

the 2nd challenge, sponsored by Pickleberry Pop, was for a collaborative LO (1 LO by both of us) and it had to include a doodle, the color red, a flower, and be about friendship's ours... s

now I have to start working on challenge #3 ...stay tuned for that one


now......... I am working on some super cool painted flourishes and alpha......but my only issue is that my OAKS Scrapz Sack is already getting crowded (it'll be in the store Wed or Thurs) ... sooooo I might just have to make a 2nd one so I can sell a grab bag over at PDW too .....
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ......what to do what to do???????


Anonymous said...

Awesome LO's. The race is so much fun! Love your pages! Love seeing the friendship pages! YOu are talented!
fshinggrl (for some reason I can never sign in to leave comments so I have to put anonymous.)

Carolyn said...

Wow, you do have lots of fun posts on your blog LOL. That Mana Lisa is too funny LOL.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and thank you for the nice comments.

jennieb75 said...

Great LO... LOVE the mana lisa... too funny!
Good luck with the ADSR... looks like it's a lot of fun!

Mrs. Erb said...

The race sounds like fun- I knew i should have signed up. :) It does sound like the gallery challenge was tricky though. I would have had trouble completing that one. You response to that challenge looks awesome.


Nathy said...

so funny lol , love the mana lisa one , and love the other LO too
they are gorgeous :)


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