Thursday, July 26, 2007

poo poo in the potty :)

Hudson went poo poo in the potty yesterday for the very first time. YAY! He started the slow potty training process on the 4th of July. The only way for him to actually use his potty is if he's that means he's running around the house all day naked...until he goes to sleep....then - it's diaper time. He's tried a few times to just wear his big boy pants (training pants), but we always end up with a wet bed. I just keep saying it's a learning experience. One time he'll get tired of having a nasty diaper on. We still haven't even tried to go without a diaper (or pull-ups) when we leave the house. I'm way too scared of that possible accident.

Hudson will be 3 in September.

If you have any bright and fabulous advice, I'd love to hear it.


My nose is still extremely clogged ...or.... or the other.... so not fun! Aren't you excited I shared that with you.


Yesterday I blogged about my OAKS Birthday Presents grab bag....BUT.... I never had a chance to hop on the Blog Train. I'd really appreciate it if you could scroll down and take a gander at my preview. I have lots of great sneak peaks on it.

Most all of the other designers have their Birthday Presents in the store now too. I've seen previews of almost every one of them and WOW! I am being soooo serious! Most of them are bursting at the seams with 4-5 products each, some even more. Talk about sheer craziness for only $2 each!


~ScrappySheep said...

Ahh potty training. My oldest refused and refused to potty train until I had to take drastic measures and just take away her pull-ups completely.
We had a billion accidents, but she finally figured it out...she's 4!!

I thought she would never learn. But you know what they say, you don't see many 20 year olds wearing diapers, lol.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Sara!


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