Tuesday, July 24, 2007


wellllll....for those of you that knew me at the end of August/beginning of May.....you might remember that I went on a girl's 40th birthday weekend trip to Rocky Point, Mexico at the end of April.....AND...I still don't think I've posted any pics from it...I know I have done any LOs yet either...yes, bad me
.......wellllll, I do have a Rocky Point pic of me in the LO for the ADSR #2 challenge
........and..... an article about our excursion was just printed in the Mizzou (U of Missouri) Magazine ... in the next few months one will be in our Alpha Phi Quarterly magazine and also in our Alpha Phi Omicron newsletter (just for the Mizzou Phis)
...and now....here it is for you...

As a member of Alpha Phi at Mizzou, I met some of my closest friends in the sorority house. We were roommates, bridesmaids for each other and were there when babies were born. Now 20 years later, we're all still the best of friends. Although we are separated by 2000 miles, we're only a phone call or an e-mail away from each other. As our group approached age 40 this year, five of us decided to celebrate this major “event” together.

The girls in St. Louis left their husbands at home with the kids and flew to Arizona to meet up with two of us who live here, less than a mile from each other. We took off the next day and drove to Rocky Point, Mexico, where we spent four days in the sun, on the beach and in the ocean laughing and reminiscing about our days in college and all of the fun we had together. Other than aging a little, none of us had really changed from who we were then.

We all had a great time and bought matching bracelets to mark the occasion. In fact, we had so much fun together that we're already planning our “girls trip to Vegas” for next year and a “Happy 42nd Birthday” trip somewhere else because we're pretty sure we won't be able to wait until we turn 45 to see each other again. We hope a few more of our old roommates will be able to make the next trip with us. God Bless our friends and the days we spent at Mizzou! Truman's Tail - Click Here!

— Jill Waldrop, BA '90

PHOTO: Alpha Phi reunion
Alpha Phi sorority sisters enjoy a 40th birthday celebration in Mexico. They are from left: Stacey Kammerer, Amy Tvrdik, Sara Ellis, Jill Waldrop and Angela Lieb. Stacey Kammerer photo

yes, we had to pose in our Phi shirts one afternoon :)


welllllll.... gosh, I've had a lot of wells today, haven't I? anyway, my sale dollar items are still ready for everyone in OAKS Dollar Deals store....I think I'm keeping them on sale until I make my OAKS Birthday Presents available (Scrapz Sacks/Grab Bags...whatever you'd like to call them) ..... I'm trying to gt mine in the store tomorrow .... I think a couple designers might have them available today...but the majority will be ready over the weekend ........................and, from what I've seen so far, most are HUGE! I really mean HUGE! ... some designers have been throwing things in theirs for over a month and they just keep growing ...kind of like mine...I feel like mine will be exploding because of all the fun goodness inside


I received my d/l links today for completing the first week of the ADSR challenges :) ... YAY! ...I have some d/l happening right now :) ............. now I just have to start working on challenge #3 (AFTER my OAKS Birthday Presents are in the store & AFTER I complete my portion on the next Scraps For Charity collab contribution)


have you seen Quirky's blog???? if not, you should.... every week she posts 5 fabulous digi-finds... and the most recent one has one she found off of my Kaboodle list :) - some of the talented Audacious wordart


ok.......... I have a stupid award for someone today.......... oh yea...and she deserves it ... see HERE
....some might call it sad or crazy...but dang, she needs some real help & I think she might get some like Paris recently did, if you know what I mean


now...just wish my cold away for me ...and my day will be super happy :) ... the right side of my head has been super stuffy since yesterday afternoon :(



Mandy said...

Looks like your get together was a lot of fun!!!

Paige said...

I almost went to Rocky Point a few weeks ago while we were in Phoenix but didn't go at the last minute! Looks like you all had a fabulous time!

Heather said...

That trip sounds like so much fun! Great pic! Crud, there was something else I wanted to say, now I have to go back. LOL Hold on. Not really, but ya know. ah ha ha! I now know, did you not love the kits we got from the ADSR? I did! Beautiful!

Victoria said...

How fabulous that all of you have maintained such a close friendship!


petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Looks & sounds like you girsl had a blast and how awsome that you all still have contact!! That´s just fabulous!! :-)

I wished the cold away from you and me...it almost looks like fall is already here :(

Love what quirky does and those sky papers are beautiful!!

Have a great day!! Hugs!


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