Thursday, May 31, 2007

my PDW debut sale......

expires when June arrives.........

so hurry hurry hurry.........

for 20% off my entire PDW store

Saturday, May 26, 2007

excitement...jumpin' for joy!!!!!


I'm a Guest Designer at PDW for June and July............
but I'm making an early debut this weekend

celebrate my early debut with 20% off all of my goodies during the rest of May

click HERE for my Plain Digital Wrapper store

I'm soooo psyched about this newest gig of mine! Please share this news around the globe. I'm sure more people besides me will be jumping for joy.

You can find my Snazzy Snoodles Collection, Torn Up line, Curiosity Kit, and more.


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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm 40 today!!!

It's my birthday and I'm giving away the farm .........


throw #40 in your shopping cart and get it for FREE with any purchase of at least $1 in my store

***FREEBIE is only at 40% off sale is at both OAKS and HODS***


exciting news!!!!!!!!!

I got a Wacom for my birthday!!!!!!!!
a Graphire 4x5 ........
now it's time for me to install it ........
I'm sure my stores will be loaded with new kinds of fun goodies soon

Friday, May 18, 2007

It's my 40th Birthday Bash!

It's my big 40th birthday on May please party with me!!!!!!!!
Every Sara Ellis goodie in your shopping cart will be 40% off
from May 18th - the 21st (Fri - Mon).
The discount will be applied at checkout at my OAKS store,
but you can see the discount immediately at my HODS store.

Celebrate and Scrap Sassy Silly!!!!


and.... yesterday I added another fabulous paper pack to my OAKS store, Mr. Bobby Boggle, he's one of Miss Tilly Tuttle and Miss Penny Priddy's cousins,
so you know that he has to be so super cool!!!!!!
Dontcha think????
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
feel free to get to know him better HERE

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Introducing...Miss Penny Priddy

Miss Penny Priddy is Miss Tilly Tuttle's cousin....

aren't they such cuties???? I bet they drive the boys crazy! Dontcha think???

They have 9 patterned papers and 6 solid papers each (all slightly textured)

you can find them HERE & HERE


as always...please scroll down to find out more exciting news from me :)...
you might even find a little freebie

Monday, May 14, 2007

my baby isn't a baby anymore

It's so hard to believe that Cooper is almost done with high school. He's finishing up his Junior year and he went to Prom on Saturday night. It was his first real date. I think he had a fabulous time with Emily. He's had a crush on her off and on for a couple of years now. Don't they just look so cute together?

This was the first time I made a LO in about a month.
Have I been slacking in that area or what?
Almost everything I used was by the fabulous Faith True.
See all credits HERE.

here's a couple of the you can see them better...


wellllll.....get your wish lists ready.............
my big 40th birthday is on Saturday.........
soooooo, you know what that means..........
a SALE!!!!!!! ....
I'm going to have 40% off all of my OAKS goodies
this weekend
yes...I will be adding at least a couple more things to my store before then


something pretty exciting....
the 4 Life Charity kit, benefiting Cancer Research

This kit contains over 100 papers and over 65 elements. Contributing Designers: Andrea Designs, Ann-Marie, Cheryl Whitesel, Dawn's Digital Designs, Demurgia Designs, Designs by Mama Moost, Jennifer Barrette, Jomi Designs, L.C. Potts, Rebecca Myers, Sara Ellis, Sarah Meyer, SBB Designs, Scrappy Pony, Shelleyrae Designs, Heidi@DigitalCandy and a font by Darcy Baldwin. (did you see that name in bold???? that's first charity kit..I had to participate with this since it's a dear cause to me ...I lost my dad & maternal grandmother to Cancer, along with some other family members)

just click HERE to grab it

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Introducing...Miss Tilly Tuttle

now appearing in my fabulous OAKS store......

Miss Tilly Tuttle's Paper Pack

Miss Tilly Tuttle's Add-On Sampler (oh yea, it's a freebie)

you can grab both of them HERE

ok...after I made my first couple of papers for this fun fun paper pack...
all I could think about was Dr. Seuss....I have no idea why ..........
soooooooooo, I had to come up with a funky Dr. Seuss-like name -
so that's how I came up with Miss Tilly Tuttle ........
Isn't that so silly?
Just like my papers..funky and goofy fun!

This includes 9 patterned & 6 solid papers...all slightly textured.
Each JPG image is saved at a high quality, 300 ppi. you can tell, a Miss Tilly Tuttle add-on freebie is also available, which includes 3 more coordinating papers and a few accessories to dazzle your papers.

and......more exciting news.....
a new sampler or bargain bin will be added to the OAKS store very soon ......
won't that be incredible?????
Miss Tilly Tuttle's add-on will go in there, as well as fun samplers from the rest of the design team.

Monday, May 07, 2007

my NSD Scrapz Sack REVEALED

get it all together for ONLY $5
.................for a limited time... only throughout May........
and save $4

*Funny Flourishes
*Hudson's Airplanes ~ Alpha add-on
*Ollie Ollie Oxen Free - 2 Quickpages
*Snazzy Snoodles ~ Numbers
*Basics ~ Woodie Buttons

all products are also sold separately for their regular prices

grab the collection HERE


Thank you very much to everyone that shopped in my stores for my NSD weekend parties!
I truly appreciate it!
My Scrapz Sacks went over pretty well and it was so exciting since that was my first time to do anything like that. I know I will definitely be doing them again, just not sure how often.
Any suggestions???


I didn't shop too much. I grabbed a couple small commercial items....and a few Grab Bags. My two favorite were from Bren Boone at The Digi Shoppe and Dawn Wilson at One of a Kind Scrapz. Bren still has her grab bag available for $2 right now, so I only have a tiny sampling of a sneak peek for you. Dawn now has her's revealed in her OAKS store for anyone to grab.
and then I just purchased this fun alpha from Metalmama a little bit ago....
it's on sale for only $ can grab it HERE
Quirky is now posting a TOP 5 list on her blog.....
and she has some super fab products on there...
INCLUDING my Snazzy Snoodles Paisleys...
I really feel honored because this is one super cool list ....
you might want to bookmark her blog because this is going to be a new weekly feature


wellllll..that's it for now........
have fun reading some of my prior thread postings............
and then go Scrap Sassy Silly!

Friday, May 04, 2007

NSD weekend: my May Guest CT

Isn't this the perfect time to announce my Guest CT girls for May?

I really love my newest Silly Sisters!
They all have slightly different styles and they all hang out in different forums and galleries.
It will be so fabulous to see all of the different ways they will use my goodies.


and....please scroll down so you can see some more exciting news from me..
you'll definitely find lots of happiness
(enabler alert, enabler alert, enabler alert)

NSD weekend: Margarita Time

It's Cinco De Mayo
.... one day early...........
and it's NSD Weekend

time to party!!!!!!!

50% off at both my OAKS store and HODS stores ...
that's right, all of my personal and commercial use products
(excluding my OAKS Scrapz Sack)


hurry now....
everything in this HUGE bag will be sold separately for at least $12 on Monday
......... so that's a $10+ savings now

Happy Weekend and Scrap Sassy Silly!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

NSD weekend: The Beginning

Soooo much is happening EVERYWHERE in our fun digi-scrapping world this weekend!


HODS entire store is 50% off now through Sunday to celebrate NSD....
this is for all personal and commercial products too ...........
and, there are some really fab commercial things in there too


OAKS entire store is 30-50% off from Friday through Sunday....
and a few on our Design Team is starting their sale today

AND...... every OAKS designer has a Scrapz Sack (a/k/a a grab bag)....
from Friday through Sunday...........
mine is already available .....
with all brand spankin' new never seen before goodies from me.........
on Monday everything will be in the store separately .....
grab it now, while you can - for only $2 .... (it's valued over $12.50)

skidaddle over to OAKS and grab it now..... just click HERE


today is the last day for my guest CT call......... scroll down to find out the scoop....

and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter (top right corner) might be lucky and get a special somethin' somethin' from me once in a while :)


have a fabulous day ...and Scrap Sassy Silly!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Warm Summer Daze

Dang! I really thought that our OAKS April Freebie with Purchase Kit, The Colour of Spring was a super cool kit.
Well, our one for May is sooooooo super cool.
I'm just loving it soooo very much!

Isn't this spectacular?

You can get this super fab MEGA kit, Warm Summer Daze, just by purchasing at least $10 or more in the OAKS store in May.
Isn't that a super duper bargain??????
You better believe it!

and this is my contribution:

How about playing Where's Waldo? trying to find my parts of the Mega in the big preview


My early birthday weekend getaway was FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
It was sooooo very nice not to have any responsibilities for a few days.
I'll give you more of the scoop later.
Hopefully my camera will be working by tomorrow so I can share pics.


I have an ad in Lena Brandenburg's newsletter again.
If you aren't already a subscriber, go check out her blog and sign-up.
She has fab things for everyone (coupons, a freebie, a call, etc).


I've been receiving some great apps for my Guest CT gig. The call is still open until the 3rd. Please scroll down to check out the details. I'd love to see even more applications.


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