Friday, December 29, 2006

bummer of the last couple of days...and more to come

we are so bummed right now, especially my dh......our dog has had a large tumor on her front left leg.......we chalked it up as a fatty tumor for most of this year...I took her to our vet a couple months ago & he referred us to a specialist.......wellllll, I saw a doggie Oncologist yesterday & we went back again today for a biopsy....they won't have the results until the end of next week to tell the degree of the malignancy, but, because of the size, they are already suggesting amputating her leg......welllll, she is my dh's baby, he's had her for 15 we are probably going to put her down instead of putting her through an amputation or radiation ....we're still going to wait until the test results are in......................but, needless to say, it's a sad house here right now

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm baaaack...and with a mini kit freebie

wow! it seems like forever since I have blogged. The holidays and family in town really made me fall off of my normal routine.

I had a pretty great Christmas (even though my nose is raw from blowing it a zillion times the last few days). We were very busy (like usual) decorating (so last minute!), visiting family, shopping, being festive, eating, & opening presents. My hubby thinks that I am obsessed with the computer and digi-scrapping. Hmmmmm, I wonder why? Do you think it's because I'm on the computer about any chance I can get and I stay up super late enjoying my "me time"? Perhaps. Sooooooo, all of presents had to do with the computer and pictures (a new 19" flat screen monitor, a thumb drive, photo album, & frame), plus some universal AMEX gift cards that can be used at certain stores. ok, let me say this, if you don't already have a flat screen, you need to get one. I can't believe the difference in colors. WOW! It's fabulous! AND....I started shopping yesterday with my gift cards and I came home with something that I never thought I would never own, some Crocs, the Mary Jane style in black. Oh my! They are the most comfiest things in the world and the lightest shoes ever too. I would've grabbed some light blue ones if Dillards would've had them. The Mary Janes are soooooo much cuter than their most common clogs style. My dh and Coop sure aren't pleased with them, but I don't care. I needed some great comfy casual shoes to wear with jeans & I refuse to wear tennies with jeans, these are oh so great for that. time for a freebie...since it's been at least a couple weeks since I've offered any...I retooled one of my first minikits that I designed for DigiScrapCentral. It's been more than three months so I can now offer it up to you. I reworked wome of the papers to give them an aged shabbiness feel.

Take a gander at my preview & enjoy this gift from me to you.

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(I switched hosting services. Thanks to ValGal's suggestion, I am now using SendSpace and loving them so far.)

As always...I really really love reading your comments, so please leave me some when you grab this. Thanks!

Friday, December 15, 2006

new, refreshed freebie links....WOO-HOO

Since TheDigiChick is having one funtabulous big ball of fun right now with the Christmas Party Chick Style weekend........I refreshed the links for my Christmas freebies.......with the exception of my very first Christmas tree since that mysteriously disappeared off of my computer

you'll have to scroll down to see the previews of each (or just be daring and grab them sight know you'll love 'em anyway):

so please have fun with these goodies....and if you already aren't having fun with us need to scurry on over now & camp out with us for a while...there's a ton of fun to be had :) FUN

Thursday, December 14, 2006


This is sooo funny! Thanks to the fabulous Kimberly G at TheDigiChick I found some oh so fun. Get your groovin' dancin' boogiein' shoes on......
are they on???????? you are ready to see my mini-me here ....then click on the little memo on the bottom right (you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it) for more good times


That's it...I'll catch up with something else at a later time.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Goodies no. 5 ...and exciting news...

Oh my...I forgot to mention to you that I am finally on a CT, Angela Sharrow's CT to be exact. I'm so psyched! I've only applied for 2 CTs so far because I've been pretty picky with the designer. I love her stuff! If you'd like to check out some of her goods, click here for her stuff in the Digital Freebies store. She hasn't handed out her first assignment yet, but it should be very soon. I'm actually have 3 positions, I will be a designer on the CT, a preview maker, & a QuickPage Artist. Woo-Hoo! There are a couple more calls on DigiShopTalk that I'm interested (Traci Reed & ShelleyRae). Hopefully I'll be able to get my applications in before the deadlines for those.

For those of you that love my alpha from a couple days ago, here's a card I made for my father-in-law last night with his grandsons (my 2 youngest & their cousin)...I used my alpha for this:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
credits here you ready for my Christmas Goodies no. 5 FREEBIE?!?!? I bet you are!
It's three funtabulous papers. Here's the preview:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Download here

I look forward to your lovin' when you grab my goodie. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I want to go on strike!

yep, that's right...I'm ready to run away and let everyone (my sons & dh) fin for themselves. I feel kind of like the old saying "Calgon, take me away!", but I need more than Calgon to do the trick. oh! Last night Griffin and Hudson were up between 3ish to 5:30 early this morning. Griffin was the first one up, then when I put him down, Hudson wanted up for a while. I couldn't get either one to fall asleep in the extra bed so we just hung out in the office. (I worked on my little Christmas Goodie freebie in these wee hours). Soooo, my lovely dh ...all he could do was tell me to get a bottle and ask what their problem was since it was interrupting his dear sleep time. Yes, he's the one that has to get up & go into an actual office for work...and I stay home with our little crazy boys all day, but I am the ONLY one that gets up every single morning no matter what time it is to take care of them. I haven't had a morning to just laze in bed while he gets up with them on a weekend morning in MONTHS....literally. The only extra time I have to lay around is when we are in a hotel without the boys....but I still have my dh there...never just me time to veg in bed. OK....enough of venting about that next one.....(oh yay for you)...well, I rolled out of bed at about 8am this morning. Who knows how long the boys had been playing in their room by this time. I walked in their room to find poop smeared on the floor. (sorry people) I usually duct tape Hudson's diaper to him every night because if I don't he will definitely have it off in the morning. Well, I changed his diaper around 4 or 5, sometime early this morning & didn't re-duct tape a new one on him. He rewarded me with being naked from the waist down with the poop on the floor. Now there wasn't any in his diaper, so that means that he just decided to have a little fun. I think he did feel bad because there were wipes around it & some dirty wipes in the Diaper Champ. But that and using the steam vac at 8 am isn't that enjoyable of a way to start out a day. We ended up getting to playgroup about 30 minutes this morning and delighting all of my mom friends there with this story. At least we had playgroup this morning and they are both napping now. I wish I could just take a day & night off. Can't I strike? How would I do this without everything going stir crazy, crazier than it is now? I can't wait for my mom and Coop to get into town next week. My dh usually steps up to the plate a bit more when my mom is here. Plus, I will have a little extra help around here for a week. Yay!

Ok....I guess you are ready for your FREEBIE by now....aren't you? I made this really cute festive alpha...but it really is versatile to use any time of the year, especially if you re-color the alphas or stars. It is an entire lower case alpha, an exclamation point, and an asterick. One fun thing is that each of the vowels all have one fun red star on them. Oh so cute!
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Download option one
Download option two

please chat for a sec.... let me know how I can go on strike...and leave me some love about my freebie

you might also be able to scroll down to grab another freebie :)

Friday, December 08, 2006

oh so much to jabber about, it's been a while...

Please forgive me for being away for a whole week. We got back from Vegas on Monday (four days ago) and it's taken me a bit to get back into the swing of things. It definitely was the best (hmmm, maybe next to best) excursion I've ever had there. We started out with a friend's 40th birthday bash in a sweet suite at the Monte Carlo. Oh my! All you could eat jumbo shrimp & crab legs, an open bar, and dancing all night long. Then, the next day I went shopping with the girls and introduced them to Anthropologie. I just oh so love that store. Here's my new fun & beautiful sweater. You can grab one just like it here. We grabbed a pic with some of the gladiators at Ceasar's before we left. ( was at Caesar's Forum shops.......the blissful place with a bizillion designers). Nice studly gladiators, wouldn't you say? Welllll, after all of this, I finally got to see my very first Vegas show because we then ventured over to NYNY to see Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity. It is their sensual/passionate wow of a show. Just simply amazing! A must-see for anyone who's in Vegas. The night kept keepin' on for us. My dh met up with us after the show for more dancing, at Coyote Ugly. this time. You can't go there without getting up on the bar (I'm in the brown top). So, as you can tell, Jen and I had bunches of fun up there (even though I was probably the oldest chick up there...who have to have fun in life). Usually dh and I just watch sports, bet on games, and play the tables. He's a big blackjack guy and I'm a roulette girl. We still did all of that too, but that wasn't the complete trip this time. It was sooo nice to experience different things in Vegas for once. I know our next trip will be back to the usual since it's our annual March Madness excursion with friends.

Welllll....enough with my Vegas jabbering..............I have to let you know about my newest kit for sale, it's "Frankie". Even though it's made with beautiful blues, greens, and golds (typical boyish colors), it's super fun for girls too. The patterns and textures are funtabulous. Included in this kit:*6 solid textured patterned papers *12 patterned papers (some textured) *3 brads *1 button *1 paisley *3 ribbons *1 slide *1 straight stitchin' *1 corner stitchin' *1 button stitchin' *2 tags *5 words *5 punctuation marks

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Grab it here.

Now....since you are probably itchin' for another FREEBIE by you's just some little doodles for Christmas...a cute tree and some ornaments for you to color in

Download here

That's it for now. Please jabber back at me. I love reading your thoughts. Thanks & have a groovy Friday.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Goodie - Day 2 - woo-hoo!

I am so puzzled. Somehow a couple of my files vanished from yesterday. How can they just disappear???? I don't understand it. I've searched on my hard drives for both my desktop and my laptop, plus my e-drive, and they are nowhere to be found. It's just too weird! One of the files was my goodie tree from yesterday. So now you all have it, but I don't. It was sooo popular the link is already expired. Too TOO weird! Both the files were ones I made yesterday (the other was some sorority stuff I needed). I wonder if I'll find out later than I'm missing something else.

Oh well....time to move on.........and give you your 2nd goodie. Your 3rd one won't come until Monday or Tuesday since I'm heading to Vegas in a few hours. is some fun wordart for you. It's not your typical Christmassy colors, but I'm sure it will fit in well with some of those great funky kits out there right now....OR just recolor to better fit your needs (BUT please don't forget to credit me for the design). One, the Happy Happy Joy Joy one, is great for Hanakuh things or just any ordinary fun days too.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Download option 1
Download option 2
Download option 3
Dang! Did I just get VERY generous or what???? It was such a speedy upload and since I'll be away for a couple days, I figured I'd be extra nice to make this goodie last a bit longer.

Please enjoy, leave me a comment, scrap sassy silly, and give me credit (no piracy ..please).

Friday, December 01, 2006

December 1 - Day 1 FREEBIE...

Happy happy joy's getting closer to that big Santa day! I'm also sooooo thankful that I don't live in KC or STL any more since it's sooooo frickin' cold there right now. I'll have to call my family in a bit to make sure they are all ok & have power. Oh! It's so nice to be freezing in the 30s in Phoenix. At least it will warm up to the 50s or 60s today. And to think I thought I was freezing outside the last couple of days when it was a blistering 57 here. All I need is a nice cup of hot chocolate and I'm good to go for the morning. (no earmuffs, scarves or gloves for me) make things even better I'm heading to Vegas this weekend for a little fun.

Well...since it's now December, I'm going to do my best to give you little Christmas presents frequently. Just little things, but more frequently. Today you get this cute little tree to adorn your LOs and/or Christmas cards.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
please enjoy!
this tree coordinates with my contribution to DSC's December Mega kit
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Isn't this so fun & festive? The links for the FREEBIE mega won't start to be available for another week or so. I'll let you know when that happens. BUT....the FREEBIE November links are still up for a bit right now. Grab them here.


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