Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I want to go on strike!

yep, that's right...I'm ready to run away and let everyone (my sons & dh) fin for themselves. I feel kind of like the old saying "Calgon, take me away!", but I need more than Calgon to do the trick. oh! Last night Griffin and Hudson were up between 3ish to 5:30 early this morning. Griffin was the first one up, then when I put him down, Hudson wanted up for a while. I couldn't get either one to fall asleep in the extra bed so we just hung out in the office. (I worked on my little Christmas Goodie freebie in these wee hours). Soooo, my lovely dh ...all he could do was tell me to get a bottle and ask what their problem was since it was interrupting his dear sleep time. Yes, he's the one that has to get up & go into an actual office for work...and I stay home with our little crazy boys all day, but I am the ONLY one that gets up every single morning no matter what time it is to take care of them. I haven't had a morning to just laze in bed while he gets up with them on a weekend morning in MONTHS....literally. The only extra time I have to lay around is when we are in a hotel without the boys....but I still have my dh there...never just me time to veg in bed. OK....enough of venting about that issue......now...the next one.....(oh yay for you)...well, I rolled out of bed at about 8am this morning. Who knows how long the boys had been playing in their room by this time. I walked in their room to find poop smeared on the floor. (sorry people) I usually duct tape Hudson's diaper to him every night because if I don't he will definitely have it off in the morning. Well, I changed his diaper around 4 or 5, sometime early this morning & didn't re-duct tape a new one on him. He rewarded me with being naked from the waist down with the poop on the floor. Now there wasn't any in his diaper, so that means that he just decided to have a little fun. I think he did feel bad because there were wipes around it & some dirty wipes in the Diaper Champ. But jeez...cleaning that and using the steam vac at 8 am isn't that enjoyable of a way to start out a day. We ended up getting to playgroup about 30 minutes this morning and delighting all of my mom friends there with this story. At least we had playgroup this morning and they are both napping now. I wish I could just take a day & night off. Can't I strike? How would I do this without everything going stir crazy, crazier than it is now? I can't wait for my mom and Coop to get into town next week. My dh usually steps up to the plate a bit more when my mom is here. Plus, I will have a little extra help around here for a week. Yay!

Ok....I guess you are ready for your FREEBIE by now....aren't you? I made this really cute festive alpha...but it really is versatile to use any time of the year, especially if you re-color the alphas or stars. It is an entire lower case alpha, an exclamation point, and an asterick. One fun thing is that each of the vowels all have one fun red star on them. Oh so cute!
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please chat for a sec.... let me know how I can go on strike...and leave me some love about my freebie

you might also be able to scroll down to grab another freebie :)


Dale said...

cute alpha. Thanks for sharing

meems said...

ahh, the joys of motherhood, eh. Sorry your day was so crappy (pun intended LOL).

T said...

LOL Well, been there done that hee hee. Thanks for the freebie! Very cute. Anyhow, wanna know how to go on strike? Just do it! I'm serious. After I got divorced I was working out of the house between 10 and 12 hours a day for a roofing company, I was in charge of the tile dept (I live in Fl... enough said?) ANYWAY, my youngest was supposed to set the table for dinner while the oldest did his homework and I cooked dinner. Then the youngest - John- was supposed to take his shower. Then we eat dinner, Charles would clear the table, scrape the plates and put them in the sink. At that time, that was it. Well they never wanted to so here I am trying to cook dinner and do their stuff and chasing them to take their showers and do their homework. I would decorate for the holidays ALL of them - within the first 24 hours something was broken, a house, statue, tray, ornament...whatever. Juice boxes all over, once I even found three week old chicken wing bones behind their dresser! I freaked. Everyday was the same thing and getting them up - forget it, they sleep like the dead. So finally - after I had met Alex but we weren't yet dating - I said that's it, I'm on strike. I did no laundry if it wasn't in their laundry bag, I didn't clean sneakers, pick up toys - if toys were left in my room they went in the garbage, I didn't dust, I didn't decorate (I did take out the garbage cause .... ewwww lol) I made frozen dinners, soup and sandwiches, etc and they were used to roast beef with mashed potatoes, green beans and a salad. I make rotating meals, fish, beef, chicken, pork, pasta etc and a salad every other day cause I put raw spinach in it for those days they refuse to eat the green vegetable ;) Anyway I was on strike for 3 months - no lie. They turned around finally because I was about to lose my mind. You don't even have to say anything - sometimes not saying anything speaks louder volumes ;) Doing or NOT doing can get a point across quite nicely heee hee. Have fun! Sorry for the book, but you asked for it lol


Angela said...

Thanks so much for the freebie.

Scrapcat4914 said...

TYS your cute alpha

tnscrappn said...

Really cute alpha! So sorry I missed it--said bandwidth expired. Pooh. Anyway, I've been married for 25 years and raised 2 daughters ages 21 and 23. Men will only do what is required of them in the parenting dept. That's just the way they are programmed. My advice: tell him what you need. If he throws the old "I'm the one bringing in the money." Ask him if to put a dollar amount on raising his children. Good luck!


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