Friday, December 15, 2006

new, refreshed freebie links....WOO-HOO

Since TheDigiChick is having one funtabulous big ball of fun right now with the Christmas Party Chick Style weekend........I refreshed the links for my Christmas freebies.......with the exception of my very first Christmas tree since that mysteriously disappeared off of my computer

you'll have to scroll down to see the previews of each (or just be daring and grab them sight know you'll love 'em anyway):

so please have fun with these goodies....and if you already aren't having fun with us need to scurry on over now & camp out with us for a while...there's a ton of fun to be had :) FUN


Doreen said...

Hi, unfortunately your dl links have been exceeded for downloading. :(

DeCrin said...

Hi Sara. Unfortunately I received the same message as Doreen above. Any chance the links will be renewed? The kit looks just gorgeous and I would hate to miss it!! Thanks for your lovely work that you put out there for eveyone to enjoy.

SuzScrappy said...

Hi Sara! I guess I don't need to repeat! but Decrin said exactly what I wanted to say! Just dig you design talent! I hope that when you renew your links you'll let me know!! I'd love ya even more!! I'm Grinning!! Happy Holidays!!!!

Jan said...

Yes, me, too -- and I've never seen that message before (or else they've reworded the old "you've used up all the links" message!)

Glad it was a fun party! ;-)

jennieb75 said...

Hopefully you can renew the must be giving away some pretty popular items!!! Thanks though!

Terry said...

when I tried it all I got was a blank page. Maybe you could upload them to another service and give us the links. I just found your blog tahnks to scrap-0-lot.


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