Wednesday, January 31, 2007

yikes! I've been tagged!

Oh that darned Serena! She taggedme with the lovely 5 cool/unusual things lis thingamabob that's been moving around the digiscrap obsessed blog world lately. She evn laughed at the fact I don't have a normal-acting keyboard. Because of my keybord/computer isues, I have to backtrack and fil in missing charcters so everyone can ead his like normal. UGH! soooooo, this blog post is staying lie it appears.....hpefully you will be able to read it ok.

here goes...

1. I used to live in Peculiar, MO (just south of KC) and graduated from Raymore-Peculiar HS (a/k/a Ray-Pec). Nicename for a small hic town, huh? I actually grew up in the suburbs of KC for my first 17 years and thn we moved 20 minutes out to thissmall town for the acreage and horses. My HS has been state champs in Missouri 5A footall fr 3 years in a row! very cool! and their coach is from my grad class

2. I'm still very involved in my sorority, Alpha Phi. I was initiated exactly 20 years ago thisweek. I serve as our SW Regional Alumnae Membership Coord.

3. I ate mshed potatoes for the very first time when Iwas 35. It was a texture thing. I thought they would be so nasty because they looked so boring. Now, yummmmmmmmm! Jeff and I were inChicago at TheHouse o Blues for one f our irst dates (a long weekend vacation date too)

4. Fried chicken livers are my very favorite food. It'ssoooo tough to find anywhere that sells them, unless I mak them myself. That very rarely happens since my dh won't eat them. Fiorella's Jack Stack restaurants in KC have theBEST ones by far. I haven't foud anywere in Phoenix with any. too sad

5. People used to think I was Moly Rigwald back when the John Hughes movies were big. I would get stopped all the time bepeple calling me Molly. I never had rd hair, but I looked like her in very other ay back then. My dh doesn't belive me...but it's soooo true....I wish I was stll in contact with my friens from back then so they vouch. Oh! I lve Sixteen Candes, Pretty in Pink, and Breakfast Club very much still!

now....time for e to tag a few for more fun ........ok, Jennifer B, Dale Ann, Steinlin, Selena, and Leslie ......have fn chickies!

a little note about's been a while sice I've mentioned her ...she is still here for now...her tumor looks prettysad becase shehas been aggravatin it by licking it non-stop, i just looks so raw ...until this morning when Iwrapped her tumor & leg with a diaper ...........Jeff is sill aving the hardest time deciding a day to put her really is thebest decision...she's 15-16 years old and the only way she will be competely bettr is f e amputate her leg

another recipe for you ...... I'm loving my crock pot ately ........I madethis Tuesday night

Cheesy Potatoes

cream of chicken soup
8 small red potatoes - cut into wedges
1/2 sweet onion - diced
1/2 cup grated cheese (your favorite flavors)
salt and pepper
*pour in the soup and then vrythng else
*cook on high for 3-4 hours
*serves 4-6people


now ... a couple funtabulous LOs

our engagement, May 17, 2003

yogurt, the new hair gel (shortly after Griffin fed himself yogurt for breakfast)

please see my galleries (links at right) for credits


reminder - head over to my store and get $1.00 off of your purchase with code SE1


now it's time for you to leave me some lovin' ...I really love your comments!!!!

(as always please scroll dwn to get caught up with everythig..and to see some of my designs)

Monday, January 29, 2007

new LOs....and something truly beautiful

first off...I u/l a couple LOs today. They are both so cute and so different ...and both are showcasing the fabulous work of Faith True. I really need to scrap someone different than Hudson. For some strange reason, its been all about him lately. He is a fab subject, but I really need to spread the love. Don't I?

You can find all of the credits in my galleries.


gosh...I am watching What About Brian right now (on ABC). I abslutely LOVE this show. Ok...I have many shows I love, but this is my Monday night must-see. You must get hooked on it if you aren't already! .......and....UGH! Marjorie!! She needs to disappear and go back into whatever hole she went in when she walked away from the alter.


now....for the really beautiful something ... I received this in an e-mail just a little bit ago....and's a power point and I can't figure out how to add it here anywhere .......if anyone has a suggestion, I'd greatly appreciate it! this truly is fabulous! I received it at the perfect time tonight. Dh and I had a pretty rough last half of the day. He was in Vegas since Saturday night and now this stupid yuckiness with us. It is giving me inspiration to scrap some pics of when we got engaged a few years ago. I need happy time thoughts right now.


I just read Mandy's blog because of the blog!!!! about weird ghost-like experience. Go on over and check out the strange happenings.

Jennifer B has the coolest sneak peek of a kit on her blog. Are you a diva? ok...Go check it out!

Christina has a super cool kit on her blog for only $1. I just grabbed it Why don't you too?


that's it for now...have a great night! and..please leave me some lovin' and skim below if you'd like to get caught up on some great stuff..............ok off to go hop on the blog train again (smile)

tech difficulties......please stand by not fun

at first it was DST's gallery getting it's makeover ......and now HODS is down

everyone over at DST has been so anxious w/out the gallery .... by the time it's back up, it will probably explode from the whole digiscrapworld jumping on it at the same wouldn't that be lovely?

and Claudia is guessing that a hacker somehow got into HODS ...yikes! ... now she has to spend today fixing everything so we can actually get up and running again .... we just had our grand opening on the 26th, now this...but, hey...would there ever really be a good time for this to happen anyway?

oh...there's a new bandwagon to jump on at's the recipe swap.....I'm pretty psyched for this ... for each category that we participate in, we'll get ALL o those recipes zipped up for a whole bunch of fab new ideas

and now.......yay!!!!...... I just went back to DST to grab the ecipe swap link and Inoticed that the gallery is back cool ........after I add a couple LOs over there, I'll u/l them here for all of you ...sometime in the next couple of hours I please stay tuned

(and...please don't forget to scroll down to get caught up...if you haven't already)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The coolest awards...

The coolest girl in the entire world is Serena (surprise! surprise!)! The luckiest girl in the world is me...because of Serena!!!!! You have to go check out her blog today! It is a definite must!
Hurry hurry, please!


now....the coolest new overlays kit out there is Crazy Daisies. I finished it this afternoon and it should be available at HODS tomorrow sometime. It is sooooo girlie, flowery, and colorful. PLUS, there's more than just overlays. I also have a super cute sign and some daisy stickers too.
It is the must have for anyone with girls!

***super duper friends bonus - use gift certificate code SE1 at checkout and you will get $1 off of any non-sale purchases from my store. ***

Friday, January 26, 2007

updated links.....YAY

I finally added a blog list. Are you lucky enough to be listed??? If not, make me happy and maybe you'll be honored. :)

I also added my store, challenge, and galleries....

BUT.... I couldn't figure out how to add my blinkies. Is there a special trick? I also want to add some tunes with a video or without, I don't care...I just don't know how to do that. Help please.

(and...please scroll down for exciting stuff)

oh....I haven't told you .....I made a newcock pot meal earlier this simple and I thought I'd share...
*Chicken Cordon Bleu...
layer in order - 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1/2 lb deli sliced ham, 1/2 lb baby swiss cheese, 1 can of cream of chicken soup, then dry stuffing mix (prepared)...cook on low for 6-8 hours..........the chicken is sooooo tender and tasty.............enjoy!

HODS Grand (re)Opening Day!!!

woo-hoo!!!!! The big day is here! We're officially open for business. It is sooooo exciting to actually be a designer and one of the initial team members for this fab store. Right now my Perfect kit is 20% off during our Grand Opening sale. You can get the details and purchase it HERE. Select items from all designrs are 20% off and our Valentines Mega kit is a big hopping 30% off. This cute kit is HUMONGOUS. It contains over 50 papers and over 100 elements . You can get more details and purchase it HERE.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In the last couple of days I have added another template-- Silly Squares, Dirty Frames, and Autumn Butterflies. Autumn Butterflies is much bigger and better than the little freebie I gave away here a few weeks ago. These should be in the store sometime on Friday. I'll give you the first peek at each of them now:

Don't you just love everything? Don't you just want to scurry on over to my store right now????

(click on pictures to enlarge them)


ok now....some of you may already be familiar with Serena (YAY!)...and for those of you that don't know the ever-so-fabulous Serena, please click on her name so you can check out her blog...and then bookmark it! Besides being my personal cheerleader and one-woman CT (as of Wednesday), she loves to share marvelous freebies and great diginews that she finds surfin' around this lovely digi-land of ours.


now for a little funny thing that happened to me on Thursday....I heard a little noise in our family room and then all of a sudden I saw a bird flying from window to window trying to get out. We had out slidingglass door open to the backyard earlier, so he must've decided to come in and play during that time After I took this pic, I opened the front door, and he immediately flew outside

and...m eyboard is still screwd up..I nk I need to take this bak into Best By for the Ge Squa to look atit.....soooo, ju icase he tping looks weird

, that's why (I corrected some of the skipped kcharacterss, but I could've easily missed some

Monday, January 22, 2007

sorry it's been a while...

hey there...I'm so sorry it's been a week.....and sorry for my Gidget lovers, I know I've really neglected it lately...hopefully I'll make something soon to add to your collection

The Grand Opening at HODS is on the 26th so I've been busy getting things in the store and getting my Scraplift Challenge going. Like I mentioned earlier, our gallery, forum, and store are already open for all of our friends. So please visit, register, and check out what we have to offer so far...and then bookmark us for regular visits. (when you do register...please please please please say hello HERE to intro yourself..say hi to me too). I have a Silly Template Collection in the store that I just love. I hope you will love them too. So far, the Silly Stripes, Silly Circles, and Silly Arrows are available. More will be joining them this week.

I think the 4th Silly Circle template is my VERY favorite. I can't wait to play with that one. It should be soooo fun with all of those little circles everywhere. The only one that I have used so far is my 2nd Silly Stripes one.

my son, Hudson, 12.30.06 (2 yrs)

Silly Stripes templates by Sara Ellis, Cinnamon Swirls kit by Faith True, Basic Cork Board Alpha by Faith True, font is Guanine


*** would you like to be on a great CT or DT???

HODS is looking for more enthusiastic and creative people for both teams. Our CT is getting a little smaller because a couple members just got promoted to our DT. Yay for Dale Ann and Kathi, boo for our CT! If you are interested or you'd like more info, please contact Caudia at customerservice(at) Please let her know that I referred you.

************ a cute pic that Jeff took last night of Griffin squishing my face....isn't this just adorable? I can't wait to scrap this

but I did scrap this pic that I've been yearning to do something with since I took this picture last Easter ...... Faith True's goodies were so fun and perfect for this...dontcha think? I really LOVE her CT so much! We can mix and match any of her kits, embellishments, templates,'s oh so fun!

my son, Hudson... Easter love with the chocolate cake

lifted Dale Ann's Cowgirl Cutie for our first HODS' Scraplift Challenge, Cinnamon Swirls Kit, doodle corners, Old Photo Edges, and Arthur's Bug Day Alpha by Faith True, font is Colourbars


ok...this is it for now...I hope to see you again fairly soon

Monday, January 15, 2007

one more new blinkie

Have I been on a roll lately or what????

I am just absolutely psyched about all that's been going on lately (in my digi-world, that is).

I have been with Angela Sharrow's CT for about a month now (my very first CT...yay!). Then a few days ago I joined the Design Team at HODS. .... now....drum roll please.... I am now on Faith True's CT also. She is just incredible too! I've only applied for 4 teams, that's it. I've beenso super picky about who I applied for. I was turned down for the very first one, then came Angela and Faith, the jury is still out for my other one (Andrea Burns...another oh so fabulous designer!!!!!) cool!!!!!!!

yummy yummy

ok...a few days ago I mentioned somethingabouta great little peanut butter cafe I wen to ...ell I figured it ws about time o elaborae.......

I met meMIL on Fiday at Scottsdale's Fashion Square's play area and ten we went to PB Loco Cafe for a little lunch withthe boys. Hudsonjust loves peanut butter. We'd never bee there before, but I heard that it was a prtty cool place to go. Oh my! Therewere probably 15 flavors of PBand a whole bunch f sandwiches. I had the RAZZLIE DAZZLIE: White Chocolate Raspberry PB, Marshmallow Spread & Sliced Bananas grilled sandwich. It was soooooo yummy!!!!! It sound knd of weird...but who cares. My MIL had the CINNY NILLA: Sumatra Cinnamon & Raisin PB, Vanilla Cream Cheese, Granny Smith Apple Slices & a Drizzle of Caramel grilled sandwich andloved heres oo. Hudson enjoyd a huge tray of animal crakrs with acouple different types of PB while Griffin just chucke a ew cracers on th floor. is a franchise, so if you have one nearyou....go grab ayummy sandwich today!

**** typing looks like t keyboad is being stupid and I'm not going back to correct everything right now (likeI'v been doing all morning)

(scroll down for freebies :) )

Sunday, January 14, 2007

a little sneak peek

I submitted my contribution last night for our Valentine's Mega kit at HODS. Oh!!!! You all will love it soooooo much! All of the little snippets that I've seen from the other designers so far are just soooooo cute and cool! One of my little bits is a fun alpha .... here's a sampling of it for you...

isn't it sooo girly pink??

oh my....I've been revamping some of my kits to get them store ready....dang, is that tedious....I think after I'm done with the one I'm working on right now I might start a whole new something so my brain doesn't go crazy

I'll throw a little Gidget part 4 together tonight or tomorrow night for you to enjoy...I don't want you to have to wait too long before you get another portion of it

and...........Serena.........Where are you??????? You haven't been around today. What's up?

(don't forget to scroll down for freebies)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

ok ok ok ..... what have you been waiting for???

You all just make me so happy. Thank you so much for even caring about my news.'s official...I'm a full-fledged bonafied designer. yea, yea..I was able to sell one new kit a month at DSC. But, this is soooooo much better!!!!! I'm now on the Design Team with Hooked on DigiScrap. Woo-Hoo! HODS is going through a big remodeling right now and our Grand Opening is scheduled for January 26th. Don't worry, you don't have to wait until then to check out the new digs. The forum and store are ready for our friends. Yes, our friends. We are not announcing this to everyone yet. Feel free to venture on over. I do not have anything in the store yet. It might be a few more days before I get things into it since I am sooooo brand spanking new there. Right now I'm working on my contribution for our Valentines Mega Kit.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I really really hope you will follow me there and fall in love with my soon to be store.

Serena....give me your e-mail address and a couple days to get you a special goodie.

Cheers for now :)

Guessing game

ok....since you all are so funny........I can't believe Serena cried last funny!

why don't you guess...that's right ...just take a guess ....if you guess correctly you'll end up with somethin' nice from me

I was planning on telling you last night...but this is a little more fun just keeping you on the edge of your seats Bunco last was from 6:15 until 10:45 at my house last, I wasn't nervous about it.....just had to get the house ready and dinner ready beforehand for 11 other girlies to be here.....and my dh came home from softball about 10 minutes after everyone left (yes, a doubleheader until 10:30 in a bustling 30 degree wind..not fun)

ok....ciao for now ..and smiles to you for a little while longer ;)

Friday, January 12, 2007

here's the first little somethin'

ok....I really don't have time for this....

I should be cleaning my house more right now because I'm hosting Bunco tonight. I already dropped Griffin & Hudson off to Grandma this morning to spend the night. I prettied up my little fake floral display at my front door, picked up toys. I still have to clean the kitchen, go to the grocery store, get dinner & brownies ready. Oh me oh my!!!!! At least this is the only time I have to host this year. I'm getting over right off the bat. Ok...why am I rambling??? I don't have time for this. thing I have to look up info about ....and then rave about later....a great little PB & J cafe I went to earlier today.

ugh!'s the first exciting thing .....part 3 of Gidget....yep, FREEBIE time's a beautiful, fun, & funky paisley paper with a fastener....

isn't it so fab???? if you think so...and you'd like to grab it....please leave me some lovin' when you do. I love reading your comments. Serena, you are soooo funny. Like I'm really making you just itch with anxiousness today? LMBO! HERE ..... and say buh-bye to Gidget part one, I just made the link disappear
ok...I still have one really really super exciting thing to share.....but you'll still have to wait...until later tonight (after Bunco most likely) I'm just giddy about it...and I really hope you will be too to run around and do more stuff around here in this lovely freezing Phoenix's so not's supposed to be sunny and warm every day...yea right!

please stayed tuned...

Coming very soon are a couple of super super exciting things!!!!! I am so extremely busy today, so I'll try to find a few minutes later today to let you know more. Trust'll be excited too.

til then....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gidget FREEBIE part 2

short and simple.......

here's part 2 of Gidget...... it's one smudged white paper, a fabulous overlay, and a cute 4X6 frame
download HERE

Have fun with this....leave me some lovin' ...and Scrap Sassy Silly!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

momentary bits and pieces

wellll...tonight I'm going to work on an addition to please stay tuned

Boo is still doing great...despite the fact that she has a large tumor on her knee ....her personality is fabulous again.......yay!

now...I thought I'd let you know that I'm kickin' it with Ebay again. I have a whole bunch of Silpada jewelry listed. I was a rep for three years and didn't renew in September. Ever since I had Griffin, I just haven't had the oomph to conitinue it. Their jewelry is just beautiful! I just have some pieces that I barely wore because I they were mainly for display pieces. I'm definitely keeping my most loved items, but I'm selling off the rest. Go HERE to check out what I have listed (I even threw three of my digikits on there too). If you haven't heard of them, you can check them out HERE. My most popular piece for sale is pictured to the right. It's a necklace of a few leather strands with a removable Turquoise pendant.
ok...that's it for now....I'll be back later tonight (but it could be the wee hours of tomorrow morning)

Monday, January 08, 2007

my purse (AGAIN)...and a FREEBIE...

I jazzied up my purse yesterday. It looks so fab! The ribbons I added really gave it that extra special OOMPH of enviable cuteness. Dontcha think? I really wish my cute little ribbons showed up better for you (they are a thin solid brown, a brown & white check, & brown with fab blue polka dots). Here's the link again for you to grab your own purse.

AND .... now drumroll please .........

Well .... I'm doing a little somethin' different for my next FREEBIE, Gidget. I'm offering just bits and pieces each day. So you'll have to come back often to make sure you grab the entire kit. I will only be keeping one or two downloads available at the same time. Gidget has gone Greek! It's all about sisterhood, but don't fret fans of boys. There will definitely be pieces that will work for you too. Gidget might be meeting a handsome fraternity boy. You may never know what interests she may have until that special day.

Download HERE

please leave me a little bit of lovin' when you grab my goodies (I just fixed my blog so that EVERYONE can leave comments now, sorry it wasn't set up like that earlier)...
.......and then Scrap Sassy Silly!
Have a groovy day too!

(have you grabbed one of my other freebies from this past week??? you better scroll down, if you haven't yet)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

my fun, new enviable....

Princess Purse!
no good pics of my purses with the inserts in it....but here are the inserts...

sorry, no pics on them for me...
maybe for the grandmothers at a later date....
I used Tamra Burwick's Some Kind of Wonderful kit

Saturday, January 06, 2007

toots and a Boo update...perhaps other ramblings from me too ....

Boo update: She has a low grade soft cell sarcoma (I think that's the correct name). She's been on her medication for over a week now (1 in the AM and in the PM) and it's doing wonders for her. She has her old playfullness back again. It's so nice. We went from thinking on New Years Eve that we'd have to put her down this weekend to not really knowing when we want to do it now. We definitely aren't amputating her leg or having the tumor removed (no way they can get all of it and have enough skin to cover it back up). Jeff is also doing better now that Boo is doing better for now. Also, her Oncologist doesn't believe that the cancer has spread anywhere, but the Radiologist still has to make the final call on that. Hopefully we'll know that answer by Monday.

a long overdue toot... I keep forgetting to mention that I was selected to be on Angela Sharrow's CT almost a month ago. She has her designs at ScrapDish, Digital Freebies & Scrap Outside the Box. Besides being a creative LO artist, I am also a preview artist, and QP artist. Yay! It's been so fun so far. I love having a deadline to get LOs done. It forces me to scrap more often. Here's a QP and LO that I did for her Serenity duet kit.

See credits and details here.

a new fun toot... KikiScraps held a fun little contest over at DST to name her newest kit....well, guess who won???? yep, that's right, it was me...with Muddy Wonders. Sooo, I won that kit as a prize. yay!

wishing for my 2nd CT... Faith True has a CT call out there right now. She's giving away a cute little kit to any blog visitors and also asking CT applicants to scrap a LO for her with this. Wellllll, since it's a girly kit, I used a pic that I received from my old tennis buddy a couple days ago. I'm so happy that he sent me some pics of his daughters because one pic of Taylor is just stunning and I had to play around with it. I actually think I scrapped one of my best LOs ever with it. I know I definitely received more comments in the DST and TheDigiChick galleries than I have on any other LO I've done. Hopefully that's a VERY good sign for Faith's CT. Click on one of the gallery links above for the credits and details. After looking at this again, I've realized that I forgot to add a few drop shadows to this late last night. I think I need to tweak it a bit.'s still sooooo precious? Isn't it?
my Princess Purse arrived.... yay! I didn't even check my mailbox until 11pm tonight....and....wall-lah...there it I have so many fab papers in my library of stuff, I have no idea what to choose for my first inserts. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can learn more about them here (their store) and here (forum with tons of insert pics). Oh decisions, decisions!
no FREEBIE for now...sorry....I still have a couple others listed below....but I just can't even think about what to offer up next. Hopefully something will jump out at me soon for you.
oh....thanks.... Dale Ann, for the info about the Designer's call. I will probably e-mail Claudia sometime on Sunday.
til later...ok.....guess that's it for now.......have a groovy Sunday...since it technically isn't Saturday now (in my part of the 30 minutes)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

here I go again.....

first off....I just wanted to let you know that we don't have Boo's biopsy results back yet. She has her same personality back now that her medication has kicked in which is really nice, but she is still licking away at her tumor (not good). My dh has had her as his little baby for 15 years. I've only been in the picture for 4.5 years. Thank you very much to the sweet comments so far. I'll keep you posted.

Now....because I have spent a little too much recently on digiscrap finds and a Princess Purse (click here and here to find out more about these enviable purses)...I finally listed more items on Ebay (some NWT Ann Taylor clothing and a few of my digiscrap kits). Please check out my fabulous goods here. I will be listing more items in the next couple of days including some Silpada jewelry (since I'm no longer a rep) and a few more of my digiscrap kits. I am a SAHM so I need to do a little something at times to make a little moolah somehow somewhere. I just need to do it more often than I do right now. My digiscrapping world takes up most of my available time. Hmmm, priorities?

ok....well, even though I said that I need a little more's time to give away more FREEBIES...because that's what I do (until I get a real design gig...oh that would be sooooo cool!!!!) I made a few little things to help bring in the new year ~ three 2007 wordart pieces to be exact. Please enjoy them and leave me some lovin' because I love reading your comments oh so much!

****Thanks for loving my Autumn Butterflies mini kit. You've already downloaded it 467 times! WOW! And to think I used to use yousendit to upload the files - that sure couldn't have happened there. I'm off to dry my hair & get ready to run errands, then pick up my guys from Grandma's house. They spent last night with her so they could watch concrete be poured for the foundation of her new house. How much fun is that for two little guys?

oh....before I go.......I'd like to share my New Year's card with you too!!!!!!!

now ...have a beautiful hump day!!!!!
I am soooooooooo freaking annoyed!!!!!!! I just typed a whole bunch of stuff...and included a FREEBIE....and then it disappeared as soon as I tried to publish it!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!

I'm going to go take a shower now....and then I'll come back and ramble again....or maybe I'll do it later not fun


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