Saturday, January 06, 2007

toots and a Boo update...perhaps other ramblings from me too ....

Boo update: She has a low grade soft cell sarcoma (I think that's the correct name). She's been on her medication for over a week now (1 in the AM and in the PM) and it's doing wonders for her. She has her old playfullness back again. It's so nice. We went from thinking on New Years Eve that we'd have to put her down this weekend to not really knowing when we want to do it now. We definitely aren't amputating her leg or having the tumor removed (no way they can get all of it and have enough skin to cover it back up). Jeff is also doing better now that Boo is doing better for now. Also, her Oncologist doesn't believe that the cancer has spread anywhere, but the Radiologist still has to make the final call on that. Hopefully we'll know that answer by Monday.

a long overdue toot... I keep forgetting to mention that I was selected to be on Angela Sharrow's CT almost a month ago. She has her designs at ScrapDish, Digital Freebies & Scrap Outside the Box. Besides being a creative LO artist, I am also a preview artist, and QP artist. Yay! It's been so fun so far. I love having a deadline to get LOs done. It forces me to scrap more often. Here's a QP and LO that I did for her Serenity duet kit.

See credits and details here.

a new fun toot... KikiScraps held a fun little contest over at DST to name her newest kit....well, guess who won???? yep, that's right, it was me...with Muddy Wonders. Sooo, I won that kit as a prize. yay!

wishing for my 2nd CT... Faith True has a CT call out there right now. She's giving away a cute little kit to any blog visitors and also asking CT applicants to scrap a LO for her with this. Wellllll, since it's a girly kit, I used a pic that I received from my old tennis buddy a couple days ago. I'm so happy that he sent me some pics of his daughters because one pic of Taylor is just stunning and I had to play around with it. I actually think I scrapped one of my best LOs ever with it. I know I definitely received more comments in the DST and TheDigiChick galleries than I have on any other LO I've done. Hopefully that's a VERY good sign for Faith's CT. Click on one of the gallery links above for the credits and details. After looking at this again, I've realized that I forgot to add a few drop shadows to this late last night. I think I need to tweak it a bit.'s still sooooo precious? Isn't it?
my Princess Purse arrived.... yay! I didn't even check my mailbox until 11pm tonight....and....wall-lah...there it I have so many fab papers in my library of stuff, I have no idea what to choose for my first inserts. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can learn more about them here (their store) and here (forum with tons of insert pics). Oh decisions, decisions!
no FREEBIE for now...sorry....I still have a couple others listed below....but I just can't even think about what to offer up next. Hopefully something will jump out at me soon for you.
oh....thanks.... Dale Ann, for the info about the Designer's call. I will probably e-mail Claudia sometime on Sunday.
til later...ok.....guess that's it for now.......have a groovy Sunday...since it technically isn't Saturday now (in my part of the 30 minutes)

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Helen said...

Those two layouts are too cute, I really like what you did with them and the colors are really soothing


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