Monday, January 29, 2007

tech difficulties......please stand by not fun

at first it was DST's gallery getting it's makeover ......and now HODS is down

everyone over at DST has been so anxious w/out the gallery .... by the time it's back up, it will probably explode from the whole digiscrapworld jumping on it at the same wouldn't that be lovely?

and Claudia is guessing that a hacker somehow got into HODS ...yikes! ... now she has to spend today fixing everything so we can actually get up and running again .... we just had our grand opening on the 26th, now this...but, hey...would there ever really be a good time for this to happen anyway?

oh...there's a new bandwagon to jump on at's the recipe swap.....I'm pretty psyched for this ... for each category that we participate in, we'll get ALL o those recipes zipped up for a whole bunch of fab new ideas

and now.......yay!!!!...... I just went back to DST to grab the ecipe swap link and Inoticed that the gallery is back cool ........after I add a couple LOs over there, I'll u/l them here for all of you ...sometime in the next couple of hours I please stay tuned

(and...please don't forget to scroll down to get caught up...if you haven't already)


Sam said...

thanx for all the enabling ... lol

jennyr said...

u are exactly right about DST, it did explode wen it's back up, LoL! I added one and it was taking sooo long to upload plus it keeps giving me an the time it's done, there were 3 of my posts!!!back to deleting...and uploading...what a mess !BUT i'm glad it's back now...

Theresa Hernandez said...

Yay!! The gallery is back up! I was lost over the weekend without it!


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