Wednesday, January 03, 2007

here I go again.....

first off....I just wanted to let you know that we don't have Boo's biopsy results back yet. She has her same personality back now that her medication has kicked in which is really nice, but she is still licking away at her tumor (not good). My dh has had her as his little baby for 15 years. I've only been in the picture for 4.5 years. Thank you very much to the sweet comments so far. I'll keep you posted.

Now....because I have spent a little too much recently on digiscrap finds and a Princess Purse (click here and here to find out more about these enviable purses)...I finally listed more items on Ebay (some NWT Ann Taylor clothing and a few of my digiscrap kits). Please check out my fabulous goods here. I will be listing more items in the next couple of days including some Silpada jewelry (since I'm no longer a rep) and a few more of my digiscrap kits. I am a SAHM so I need to do a little something at times to make a little moolah somehow somewhere. I just need to do it more often than I do right now. My digiscrapping world takes up most of my available time. Hmmm, priorities?

ok....well, even though I said that I need a little more's time to give away more FREEBIES...because that's what I do (until I get a real design gig...oh that would be sooooo cool!!!!) I made a few little things to help bring in the new year ~ three 2007 wordart pieces to be exact. Please enjoy them and leave me some lovin' because I love reading your comments oh so much!

****Thanks for loving my Autumn Butterflies mini kit. You've already downloaded it 467 times! WOW! And to think I used to use yousendit to upload the files - that sure couldn't have happened there. I'm off to dry my hair & get ready to run errands, then pick up my guys from Grandma's house. They spent last night with her so they could watch concrete be poured for the foundation of her new house. How much fun is that for two little guys?

oh....before I go.......I'd like to share my New Year's card with you too!!!!!!!

now ...have a beautiful hump day!!!!!

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