Wednesday, January 31, 2007

yikes! I've been tagged!

Oh that darned Serena! She taggedme with the lovely 5 cool/unusual things lis thingamabob that's been moving around the digiscrap obsessed blog world lately. She evn laughed at the fact I don't have a normal-acting keyboard. Because of my keybord/computer isues, I have to backtrack and fil in missing charcters so everyone can ead his like normal. UGH! soooooo, this blog post is staying lie it appears.....hpefully you will be able to read it ok.

here goes...

1. I used to live in Peculiar, MO (just south of KC) and graduated from Raymore-Peculiar HS (a/k/a Ray-Pec). Nicename for a small hic town, huh? I actually grew up in the suburbs of KC for my first 17 years and thn we moved 20 minutes out to thissmall town for the acreage and horses. My HS has been state champs in Missouri 5A footall fr 3 years in a row! very cool! and their coach is from my grad class

2. I'm still very involved in my sorority, Alpha Phi. I was initiated exactly 20 years ago thisweek. I serve as our SW Regional Alumnae Membership Coord.

3. I ate mshed potatoes for the very first time when Iwas 35. It was a texture thing. I thought they would be so nasty because they looked so boring. Now, yummmmmmmmm! Jeff and I were inChicago at TheHouse o Blues for one f our irst dates (a long weekend vacation date too)

4. Fried chicken livers are my very favorite food. It'ssoooo tough to find anywhere that sells them, unless I mak them myself. That very rarely happens since my dh won't eat them. Fiorella's Jack Stack restaurants in KC have theBEST ones by far. I haven't foud anywere in Phoenix with any. too sad

5. People used to think I was Moly Rigwald back when the John Hughes movies were big. I would get stopped all the time bepeple calling me Molly. I never had rd hair, but I looked like her in very other ay back then. My dh doesn't belive me...but it's soooo true....I wish I was stll in contact with my friens from back then so they vouch. Oh! I lve Sixteen Candes, Pretty in Pink, and Breakfast Club very much still!

now....time for e to tag a few for more fun ........ok, Jennifer B, Dale Ann, Steinlin, Selena, and Leslie ......have fn chickies!

a little note about's been a while sice I've mentioned her ...she is still here for now...her tumor looks prettysad becase shehas been aggravatin it by licking it non-stop, i just looks so raw ...until this morning when Iwrapped her tumor & leg with a diaper ...........Jeff is sill aving the hardest time deciding a day to put her really is thebest decision...she's 15-16 years old and the only way she will be competely bettr is f e amputate her leg

another recipe for you ...... I'm loving my crock pot ately ........I madethis Tuesday night

Cheesy Potatoes

cream of chicken soup
8 small red potatoes - cut into wedges
1/2 sweet onion - diced
1/2 cup grated cheese (your favorite flavors)
salt and pepper
*pour in the soup and then vrythng else
*cook on high for 3-4 hours
*serves 4-6people


now ... a couple funtabulous LOs

our engagement, May 17, 2003

yogurt, the new hair gel (shortly after Griffin fed himself yogurt for breakfast)

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now it's time for you to leave me some lovin' ...I really love your comments!!!!

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Shabem said...

Oh I love mashed potatoes and chicken liver a big no no hehehe...
I would love to try that Cheesy Potatoes too.
Your layouts are beautiful!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Great pages here!! And love your tag...wonderful you!

This receipe sounds yummie and have to try it out...getting hungry

have a great thursday!!

Juzahlyn said...

thanks for the recipes will try those one of these days..and your new LOs are beautiful

Betty Jo said...

I so love my crock-pot. It is such a time saver on days when I'm busy at the computer; which, come to think of it, is most days! Enjoyed learning more about you. Your Layouts are gorgeous. :0)

Serena said...

I adore ya chica!! :)


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