Monday, January 29, 2007

new LOs....and something truly beautiful

first off...I u/l a couple LOs today. They are both so cute and so different ...and both are showcasing the fabulous work of Faith True. I really need to scrap someone different than Hudson. For some strange reason, its been all about him lately. He is a fab subject, but I really need to spread the love. Don't I?

You can find all of the credits in my galleries.


gosh...I am watching What About Brian right now (on ABC). I abslutely LOVE this show. Ok...I have many shows I love, but this is my Monday night must-see. You must get hooked on it if you aren't already! .......and....UGH! Marjorie!! She needs to disappear and go back into whatever hole she went in when she walked away from the alter.


now....for the really beautiful something ... I received this in an e-mail just a little bit ago....and's a power point and I can't figure out how to add it here anywhere .......if anyone has a suggestion, I'd greatly appreciate it! this truly is fabulous! I received it at the perfect time tonight. Dh and I had a pretty rough last half of the day. He was in Vegas since Saturday night and now this stupid yuckiness with us. It is giving me inspiration to scrap some pics of when we got engaged a few years ago. I need happy time thoughts right now.


I just read Mandy's blog because of the blog!!!! about weird ghost-like experience. Go on over and check out the strange happenings.

Jennifer B has the coolest sneak peek of a kit on her blog. Are you a diva? ok...Go check it out!

Christina has a super cool kit on her blog for only $1. I just grabbed it Why don't you too?


that's it for now...have a great night! and..please leave me some lovin' and skim below if you'd like to get caught up on some great stuff..............ok off to go hop on the blog train again (smile)


Jenna said...

Hi Sara...wanted to stop by and show ya sum lub!!! :) Your LOs are awesome and who better goodies to use, no?! She rawks, Faith!

I don't know how to get a PP presentation to show up in blogger, but maybe there is a thread somewhere within you can find out? I would love to see it.

Keep up the great work hon! I'm gonna go visit other blogs to spread the wealth of love! LOL

Kelly B said...

I think Hudson makes a great subject!

Here's a page that talks about converting power point to something that Flickr or Picasa can use. I haven't tried it, but it might be worth a shot: Power Point to Flash

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

Juzahlyn said...

wow wonderful layouts..have a great day

JenniferBarrette_Designs said...

so I jumped on the blog train today, and guess who was above me? YOU! lol Love the new layouts! I am so happy HODS is back up and running! (to bad all our posts from yesterday are gone...)

Serena said...

Tag dear woman!!! Sorry I'm not helpful on the other stuff. :( I don't know much about PP and all that. I agree though, Hudson is SUCH a cute subject to scrap!!!


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