Saturday, January 13, 2007

Guessing game

ok....since you all are so funny........I can't believe Serena cried last funny!

why don't you guess...that's right ...just take a guess ....if you guess correctly you'll end up with somethin' nice from me

I was planning on telling you last night...but this is a little more fun just keeping you on the edge of your seats Bunco last was from 6:15 until 10:45 at my house last, I wasn't nervous about it.....just had to get the house ready and dinner ready beforehand for 11 other girlies to be here.....and my dh came home from softball about 10 minutes after everyone left (yes, a doubleheader until 10:30 in a bustling 30 degree wind..not fun)

ok....ciao for now ..and smiles to you for a little while longer ;)


Serena said...

hehe. You're SOoooOOooOOo mean. ;)

Okay, I'm guessing you've been offered a spot as a designer some where??

Or on someone's creative team that you absolutely love??

Or.. or.. or you're pregnant again and going to name the baby after all of us? Hehehe!!

::bounces:: am I right, am I right??

Serena said...

Okay, it's been ten seconds and you haven't replied!!!!

(totally teasing! Just had to.)

Serena said...

OH! Boo's okay!! They took the tumor off and she's going to heal just fine!!!

(okay, I'm going to quit stalking your blog now, I swear! I just can't believe I forgot that..)

Anonymous said...

Oh serena you beat me too it i was gonna suggest a CT call....:(
or maybe a new mega freebie ;-)..or a QP or 2..ahemmmm
oh dear...hate guessing things I am hopeless!!! lol...
Hugs - Linda

Anonymous said...

oops Thanks for explaining the Bunco for me :))
sounded like great fun!!

Lisa said...

I was also going to guess being on another designer team!! You are killing me here!!!! By the way, how is Boo doing?? Do you all play for $ in your Bunco group?

Serena said...

Aww, hehe, sorry Linda!! :D

I'm STILL checking this like.. 4 times a day. I swear Sara's going to think I'm stalking her! I just need some good news right now. Heh. So I'm living vicariously through her excitement. lol!

A new mega freebie is a nice one too.. hee!! ::runs!::

Terrell said...

I could guess but that would be cheating right? Or would it really be cheating? Hmmmm tough call because if I "guess" then everyone else will know what it is then that will take the fun out of it. Decisions, decisions......... lol. Nah.... gonna keep it to myself (I like to tease but I am really not mean -- well ... not usually lol)


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