Monday, January 15, 2007

one more new blinkie

Have I been on a roll lately or what????

I am just absolutely psyched about all that's been going on lately (in my digi-world, that is).

I have been with Angela Sharrow's CT for about a month now (my very first CT...yay!). Then a few days ago I joined the Design Team at HODS. .... now....drum roll please.... I am now on Faith True's CT also. She is just incredible too! I've only applied for 4 teams, that's it. I've beenso super picky about who I applied for. I was turned down for the very first one, then came Angela and Faith, the jury is still out for my other one (Andrea Burns...another oh so fabulous designer!!!!!) cool!!!!!!!


Melissa Bennett said...

Congratulations on your teams you have been picked for, especially for Faith!! Woo hoo!! Good luck with the ones you are still waiting on.

Stephanie said...

Congrats!! Those are great teams to be on!!!


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