Sunday, January 14, 2007

a little sneak peek

I submitted my contribution last night for our Valentine's Mega kit at HODS. Oh!!!! You all will love it soooooo much! All of the little snippets that I've seen from the other designers so far are just soooooo cute and cool! One of my little bits is a fun alpha .... here's a sampling of it for you...

isn't it sooo girly pink??

oh my....I've been revamping some of my kits to get them store ready....dang, is that tedious....I think after I'm done with the one I'm working on right now I might start a whole new something so my brain doesn't go crazy

I'll throw a little Gidget part 4 together tonight or tomorrow night for you to enjoy...I don't want you to have to wait too long before you get another portion of it

and...........Serena.........Where are you??????? You haven't been around today. What's up?

(don't forget to scroll down for freebies)


Betty Jo said...

Hi Sara! What a super blog you have. You are above me on the blog train at DST. What a terrific way to get to meet new bloggers. Oh gosh, I know what you mean. I hate revamping kits! UGH!! :0)

Amanda said...

Cute alpha! Congrats on selling at the store!

Betty Jo said...

Sara thanks for your sweet comment! I used the Blogger Minima Stretch template and it makes the blog look wider. By putting the words to the left, my photos centered, it sort of has the feel of three columns. I would actually like to switch to three columns but don't have a clue how to do that. A techette I'm not!

Serena said...

Sara Sara!!! I'm here my friend!!! I've been having SUCH a bad time with computers lately. ::cry::

I'M SOOOO excited for you!!!

It was Sooo wrong! You had us guess, and then when ou tell us, I couldn't get online! I've been dyyying!!

Congrats!!! That's SO awesome!!! Can I have your autograph before you get Really big?? Hehe!!


(ryienlenai at aol dot com!) Whenever you have time. I'm in no hurry, the best prize was making you laugh. That made me happy. :)


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