Tuesday, January 09, 2007

momentary bits and pieces

wellll...tonight I'm going to work on an addition to Gidget....so please stay tuned

Boo is still doing great...despite the fact that she has a large tumor on her knee ....her personality is fabulous again.......yay!

now...I thought I'd let you know that I'm kickin' it with Ebay again. I have a whole bunch of Silpada jewelry listed. I was a rep for three years and didn't renew in September. Ever since I had Griffin, I just haven't had the oomph to conitinue it. Their jewelry is just beautiful! I just have some pieces that I barely wore because I they were mainly for display pieces. I'm definitely keeping my most loved items, but I'm selling off the rest. Go HERE to check out what I have listed (I even threw three of my digikits on there too). If you haven't heard of them, you can check them out HERE. My most popular piece for sale is pictured to the right. It's a necklace of a few leather strands with a removable Turquoise pendant.
ok...that's it for now....I'll be back later tonight (but it could be the wee hours of tomorrow morning)


Barb said...

I am soooo happy that Boo is feeling better (and your husband...and I am sure all of you). I know that you would agree that it is all about "quality of life". We must be kind and loving, but not too quick to give up without all of the info. I went through a similar scenario with my beloved dog who got sick at age 13-14. With treatment (not a cure) he continued to enjoy life for a few more years -- he was over 16 when he had an unrelated and sudden stroke, at which point we knew it was time to lovingly let him go. Even if they can't remove the lump, it sounds like Boo still has a chance to enjoy the love of your family in comfort!! :) Good news! :) Take care.. Your family and Boo are in my thoughts.
Barb, from sunny (and now very snowy) Manitoba, CANADA (friendlypackrat at yahoo dot ca)

Sweet Thing said...

Do you have something like tiffany inspired vintage oval key in your silpada collection? I want this pendant combined with leather strap or something that would make it an old style. I also like silpada's, they have beautiful collections.


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