Friday, December 08, 2006

oh so much to jabber about, it's been a while...

Please forgive me for being away for a whole week. We got back from Vegas on Monday (four days ago) and it's taken me a bit to get back into the swing of things. It definitely was the best (hmmm, maybe next to best) excursion I've ever had there. We started out with a friend's 40th birthday bash in a sweet suite at the Monte Carlo. Oh my! All you could eat jumbo shrimp & crab legs, an open bar, and dancing all night long. Then, the next day I went shopping with the girls and introduced them to Anthropologie. I just oh so love that store. Here's my new fun & beautiful sweater. You can grab one just like it here. We grabbed a pic with some of the gladiators at Ceasar's before we left. ( was at Caesar's Forum shops.......the blissful place with a bizillion designers). Nice studly gladiators, wouldn't you say? Welllll, after all of this, I finally got to see my very first Vegas show because we then ventured over to NYNY to see Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity. It is their sensual/passionate wow of a show. Just simply amazing! A must-see for anyone who's in Vegas. The night kept keepin' on for us. My dh met up with us after the show for more dancing, at Coyote Ugly. this time. You can't go there without getting up on the bar (I'm in the brown top). So, as you can tell, Jen and I had bunches of fun up there (even though I was probably the oldest chick up there...who have to have fun in life). Usually dh and I just watch sports, bet on games, and play the tables. He's a big blackjack guy and I'm a roulette girl. We still did all of that too, but that wasn't the complete trip this time. It was sooo nice to experience different things in Vegas for once. I know our next trip will be back to the usual since it's our annual March Madness excursion with friends.

Welllll....enough with my Vegas jabbering..............I have to let you know about my newest kit for sale, it's "Frankie". Even though it's made with beautiful blues, greens, and golds (typical boyish colors), it's super fun for girls too. The patterns and textures are funtabulous. Included in this kit:*6 solid textured patterned papers *12 patterned papers (some textured) *3 brads *1 button *1 paisley *3 ribbons *1 slide *1 straight stitchin' *1 corner stitchin' *1 button stitchin' *2 tags *5 words *5 punctuation marks

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Grab it here.

Now....since you are probably itchin' for another FREEBIE by you's just some little doodles for Christmas...a cute tree and some ornaments for you to color in

Download here

That's it for now. Please jabber back at me. I love reading your thoughts. Thanks & have a groovy Friday.

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Rebecca said...

those are so sweet and original! Thanks! :D


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