Friday, September 29, 2006

my poopy week (literally).... boys have had fun with me the last few days.......

Wednesday Hudson decided to share his stinky diaper with his little brother (see posting below). Last night while giving them their bath, Griffin decided to poop in the tub. Oh yay! I guess he wanted to share a little with Hudson this time. Then..this morning....we woke up to little tiny feet pattering around on the tile. I walked into the kitchen and saw Hudson walking out in the backyard NAKED. He crawled out the doggie door. So fun. He was obviously having a blast. Well, we brought him back in the house, walked in their bedroom, and found his diaper (stinky diaper) in Griffin's crib. At least this time it wasn't smeared all over the place and Griff only had it on his feet & ankles (he spared his face and hands this time). we're contemplating duct-taping his diaper on him (at least that's what my hubby wants to do). Doesn't that sound fun? Maybe I'll just have to try some pull-ups at night. He takes his pj's off and then his diaper...then who knows how long he's having fun naked before he lets us know he's raring to go for the day. We also can't leave the doggie door locked so our dog can go outside anytime. Oh..what boys we have.

Since it's time for another blog freebie....I thought it was only fitting to offer up an add-on to my Manic Martians kit. I have two patterned papers and a funtabulous Alpha for you.
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download here & enjoy!!!

You can enjoy the full kit at Scrapbook-Bytes. Just click here.


Nanny said...

LOL sounds all too familiar! We used the duct tape and it works, we actually have pictures of my dgs with bright orange duct tape all around his diaper! For jammies we got the all one piece jammies, cut the feet out and put the blasted things on him backwards! He did the whole diaper thing during the winter and it was just too cold to sleep naked LOL.

Good Luck with the poopy boys!

KimberlyP said...

Oh I'm crying from laughing!

Thank you!!

Cathy said...

Ha, ha! Kids! I love blue and yellow together. And thanks for the alpha too! cg

CellyOneill said...

Thanks so much for this lovely freebie !

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you for sharing the freebie and the story:) Love them both!

Stephanie said...

My daughter is doing the poopy thing as well, she's 21 months, and is ALWAYS stripping nakie and the other day she had poop all over her room.
I feel your pain!!

Toshia said...

i guess i missed this fabulous freebie. the dl limit has been reached. it was very cute though. i enjoyed the story too lol.


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