Thursday, June 21, 2007

red white & blue spectacular!

an addition to my Snazzy Snoodle Collection - Franklin Frames ...... a little glittery festive frame fun, with bonus stars

red, white, and blue festive glitzy frames

1 single star frame
1 single round frame with wings of stars
1 single square frame
1 corner cluster
1 straight cluster
bonuses to dazzle your frames: 1 sting of glittery stars & 1 individual star

mix and match the individual and cluster frames together ... and scatter some stars around for spectacular one of a kind masterpieces


Roughin' It Alpha - grab the alpha packs separately in red, white, or blue...or get a bigger bargain by grabbing the combo pack with all 3

everything is at least 30% off for a funtabulous introductory offer ... only $1 for each individual alpha pack & $2 for the frames (or grab the alpha combo pack for ONLY $2.75)


my dh came back from Omaha on day later than originally planned so he could watch his ASU Sundevils play on Monday night was a great game, but they lost.....and then lost again on Tuesday night to kick them out of the NCAA World Series...

the boys swim lessons on Tuesday was right smack in the middle of Tuesday's game....dh did great by missing that chunk to be dad....but he zoomed in the house ASAP when we got home to watch the end even went in extra innings too.......

oh well....they did make it to the top 8 teams

better luck next year


Paige said...

Wonderful new items... with the 4th just around the corner!

Paige said...

I just saw your post on my blog... any why yes we are headed right to your hot and sunny spot! For 3 weeks!

Aimeemomof2+ said...

I love that sanded alpha...very cool!! So nice and grungy!


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