Tuesday, November 25, 2008

look at me...

look at me... back in the blogging swing of things again.....



My 4 yo had a nice lamenated artwork & journaling project from preschool today....

(he had to fill in the blanks and a teacher wrote it out for him)

"Hudson is thankful for the garbage truck man for picking up the garbage."


"If I had one wish for our turkey day dish it would be....Yellow Ice Cream, PB&J Sandwich, Milk, and purple cake, it tastes like applesauce"

priceless, isn't it???

how about your kids????? anything similar?


interesting blogs I've stumbled upon recently...

Cake Wrecks

Fantacy's Hillbilly Scraps

C Jane (live your life to the fullest)

Ikea Hacker

Stretching a Buck (I blogged about this yesterday)


ok........ well, ya know how every day Gotta Pixel has up to 4 or 5 different products from different designers for big bargains.. in our Pixel Picks catagory

Wednesdays are my day...

sooooooo this week.....

grab my super fun and fab page kit, Crazy Christmas for only $2.99, save 54%


enjoy.. and Scrap Sassy Silly!


Tammy said...

I just loved that about your son. Kids are so cute with stuff like that. I love that kit and going to take a peek at it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL Kids! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you have an awesome Turkey Day too!!!


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