Sunday, August 03, 2008

don't do what I did

I waited until the day before school starts to go school supply shopping. Dumb Dumb Dumb! At least I went during nap time. My dh was here & I went to Target, Walgreens, and Fry's (grocery store) to get all of the supplies for PRESCHOOL. Target was out of the Lysol wipes and just had the gift sets of playdough. It was worse than Christmas. It really was! I thought Walgreens might have the playdough, but - NO... so I went across the street to the grocery store to find that. At least I had a coupon for big packs of highlighters and pens for only 9 cents each. I don't need highlighters or pens right now, but, hey... when they ended up being practically a penny each, I could pass it up.


I wanted to share a really fun hybrid project that one of my Scrap Silly Sisters (CTMs) recently made. She's a daycare/preschool provider so she made super cute nametags for her kids with my Rockin School Daze Kit.


ccmentor's/Linda's credits:
I took these and resized from 4 x 6 to 2 x 3, printed and laminated them, then glued a magnet on the back to use on our magnetic board for the kids to sign in and out each day for childcare. I also took one and didn't put the magnet on and put on each child's mailbox.
Rockin' School Daze ~ The Page Kit (S4H ok)

Rockin' School Daze by Sara Ellis, Alpha Templates by Stephanie

wasn't this the cutest idea?


flattsgurl said...

What a great idea for those name tags! They are sooo cute!

I love the sketch that Amy did for you too. :)

Lena said...

yeah, I'm notorious for waiting until the last minute. Since Nathan is with his dad, I'm not actually buying school supplies this feels weird!!

Eve said...

LOVE that hybrid project!!

afridigidiva said...

You know, my hubby was just in buying paper and he got kicked in the shins by people fighting over school supplies! Thankfully, we homeschool. It just happened to be one of those days were I needed something then. Be careful, those school shopper folks can be viscious.

Barb said...

Great project Sarah! I can't believe that school has started for your all already!

Aretha said...

Great project..! You may be eager to school supplies shopping, but before considering shopping for back to school supplies, waiting a bit more closer to back to school time might be beneficial.

afridigidiva said...

I really like the nametags!

This ia a wonderful project!


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