Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yip Yap - intro 33% off


Yip Yap by Sara Ellis
is a fun filled kit for puppy dog lovers. It is also pretty versatile for other boyish charm generic goodness.

33% off Intro offer for just a few days

10 solid, semi-solid, and patterned papers
1 painted scalloped border
1 painted large circle
1 painted splotch
1 dog
1 doghouse
1 dogbone
1 leash
1 wooden frame
1 curled shadowed frame
1 journal strip bunch
1 cross stitched ribbon
1 staple
1 string mess with screw
1 tag
1 woof!

**don't forget to scroll down to find some super fabulous Zippity Zoo Zah quickpages


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