Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BOGO love + coupon love

I'm trying to rock my coupons like the pros.  Trying is the operative word here.  Tonight I felt pretty happy with my coupon and Safeway promo matching.  I SAVED 83%!  Score 1 for me.  Yay!  If I would have planned better or walked around the store more to stumble upon more of  B1G1 FREE items,  I only went in since it's the last day of the week-long promo and I needed to pick up the Ken's Salad Dressing - his absolute favorite is the Ken's Italian dressing.  Well, they only had Northern Italian Lite in stock, not the plain old regular Italian.  After a little contemplation, I went ahead and picked up four bottles.  If he doesn't care for it, I will exchange them later.
While in the checkout lane, I saw a bunch of candy for B1G1 free also.  I skimmed my coupons and realized that I had B1G1 coupons for Hershey's chocolate bars too.  Yay! 
so... here's my rundown:  
* 4 Ken's Lite Northern Italian dressing $7.98 with BOGO
(reg. $15.96 for the four)
*4 $1.00 off Ken's coupons =  -$4.00
*8 Hershey's chocolate bars (milk & dark) $3.56 with BOGO
(reg $7.12 for the eight)
*4  B1G1 Hershey's coupons = -$3.56
***TOTAL paid $4.21 (with .23 tax)
***saved 83%
I would have purchased more Ken's dressing, BUT Safeway has a limit of only four coupons per item :(
ok.. now hopefully this teaches me to look at the ads better, utilize the B1G1 promos, keep purchasing multiple Sunday papers and The Dollar Tree ($1 each instead of $2), and save even more money!

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