Thursday, January 20, 2011

411 for bloggers and lovers of blogs ...

I've mentioned a few times in the last month that I've been hanging out at BlogFrog recently.  Well, I thought I'd let you know again about why I think it's a cool place to be - whether you are a blogger or not.

Visit My BlogFrog 

*Get connected with thousands and even millions of other bloggers, mainly mom-bloggers. 
"In less than 18 months, BlogFrog has become the nation’s fastest growing women’s network with over 50,000 mom bloggers reaching over 5.5 million women online."

*There are many communities available for almost any interest you can think of.  You can find one about bargains (i.e. Frugal Living Community or Southern Savers), crafts (Teaching Tiny Tots: Activities, Crafts, Lesson Pl), infertility (Single Infertile Female: Now What?), photography (Mommy's Camera), cooking (The Menu Mom), and so many other topics.

*If you need advice or want to find an answer about whatever is on your mind, just plug a word or two into the Blogfrog search engine.  You can find a community that might be about that topic or you can search for any discussions that have occurred about that same information.

*Anyone can start their own community and/or follow already established communities like ones I mentioned earlier.  I own the Plaid Punch Community.  It's still very new and in the growing stages.  (Please feel free to follow it.)  If you do have your own community, it's ideal to participate in some other ones too.  I usually just glance at the "Hot Discussions" or the "Latest Activity" on the home page and jump into discussions that interest me.

*Because of the connections made at Blogfrog, it drives more people to my blog and Twitter.  I tweet with several BFFs (Blogfrog Friends).

*It's also so super easy to embed any conversation you start into your blog.  I've already done that a few times. 

You can learn so much more about Blogfrog, how powerful and influential it can be, please read more about it:  BlogFrog Launches as Nation’s Largest Network of Mom Blogs

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Rustin @ BlogFrog said...

Thanks so much for the post Sara, it has been great to get to know you.

Michelle Huegel said...

Hmm, you've inspired me to check out BlogFrog again, Sara! I'm trying to get my new blog ( off the ground, and I'd love to network with other creative mommy bloggers too :). I'll see you there!

Holly said...

Hi Sara, thanks for the great post about BlogFrog! We've gotten lots of great feedback about the new site launch (the embedded community feature seems to be really popular) and are so appreciative of awesome users like you who share the news with your readers. You rock!!

Holly (co-founder, BlogFrog)

Liberty said...

I LOVE BlogFrog!! That's how I found this post. :)


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