Monday, September 22, 2008

spreadin some love

Do you know about Nie Nie or C Jane or Little California???

Well... if not, you should take a few minutes, see how blessed your life is, and send some love their ways.

I was reading C Jane Run a little bit ago and found out that her surreal roller coaster ride just got bumpier yesterday. Besides her sister (Nie-Nie)and brother-in-law being in the hospital for burns because of a plane crash, her 31yo cousin Katie just passed away this weekend.

I really love Nie-Nie's blog. C Jane has reposted some past highlights so that everyone out in blog lands can know what a special person she is. THIS is my favorite blog post and I sooooo want to do this with my boys. oh... I will do it... I've got to figure out an open day soon so we can do it.

Now ... about Little California (Callie)... she was backed over and ran over by a car driven by a dear family friend of her family a couple weeks ago. Callie was airlifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital and is fighting like crazy to get better. Her older sister Ashley (21.5 years older) has been blogging about her & is organizing a fabulous raffle for her. There are some really adorable boutique items available. Please check this out. I'm sure her story, as well as Nie-Nie's will touch your hearts deeply.

Big {{HUGS}} to all!


one of my girlfriends sent me a link to a very cool political match-em-up quiz a few days ago


I shared it over at DST's chatter this past weekend .... and it seems people are really enjoying it

If you are undecided about the Presidential candidates or if you want to confirm your choice... this is a great place to check out


I'm clearing out tons of goodies at Gotta Pixel.

About half of my store (approximately 50 items) are retiring at the end of the month. This includes all Personal Use/Scrap4Hire/Commercial Use items. Grab tons of fun for way over 50% off.

and..... the best deal by far... my Commercial Use Bundle.....(SAVE 79%)


Commercial Use Clearance Bundle from Sara Ellis

What a deal here! If you are just getting started with designing or if you have been designing for a while & need a little extra creative assistance at times, this is a fabulous bundle package that you just can't pass up. I am clearing out my store.

Enjoy this while you can. As of October 1st all of my "retiring soon" items will be gone.

Included in this bundle:
*Toppings - Textures part A *Commercial OK*
*Toppings - Textures part B *Commercial OK*
*Toppings - Textures part C *Commercial OK*
*Toppings - Textures part D *Commercial OK*
*Toppings - Textures part E *Commercial OK*
*Toppings - Textures part F *Commercial OK*
*Toppings - Templates part A *commercial*
*Toppings - Templates part B *commercial*
*Toppings - Take One *COMMERCIAL OK*
*Toppings - Take Two *COMMERCIAL OK*
*Toppings - Take Three *COMMERCIAL OK*
*Toppings - Take Four *COMMERCIAL OK*
*Petal Pushers *Orbits (brushes) - *COMMERCIAL ok*
*Swirlygiggies (brushes) *COMMERCIAL ok*

which basically means you will receive a total of 12 texture overlays, 26 paper overlay templates, 3 flower fabric templates, 2 fancy mats, and 30 ABR brushes (with matching PNG files) -
grab them all now - 15 products for $15 (SAVE 79%)
grab them all individually with their own clearance prices, but more than $1 each

just greatly appreciated if you feel like including it


Beth said...

Lots of great stuff you are sharing today. Thanks for all the links.

Your retiring product should fly out of the store!!

Len said...

Reading this blog entry makes me feel so blessed. It's so sad to hear about those unfortunate events that happened to those people. I wish them well.


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