Friday, September 12, 2008

the 4Runner is back

the news about our 4Runner & other catalytic converter thefts made the front page of our little suburban paper Friday.

If you didn't receive the paper, you can read it here:

they spelled my name with an H.. but, oh well... it's still me

and... one good thing......well, kind of good, I guess........... the auto body shop quoted us $2500 foer the repair job, but it only actually was $690, including the tow.... apparently the one they fixed before ours had a really bad hack job, the idiots cut into their O2 sensor & out idiots cut ours out nicely so it was an easier fix


hopefully this can help some of you find cheaper gas

it tries to keep current cheap gas prices in Canada and the US

so far Phoenix gas is still in good shape... the stations by us are right at $3.44/gallon


ScrapShana said...

Oh my! People are getting desperate to still a converter right off the vehicle! Hope they catch whoever is doing it.
Thanks for the gas link, too! Very helpful!
BTW-- I'm a big fan of your designs. :)

Janel said...

Thanks for sharing your story, it is also a pretty popular thing to steal around here. Hard to believe, I mean come on people!

I also am a big fan of your designs

Elizabeth said...

you know, someone stole a radiator from a ca at dh's work! i am not surprised...

i am gonna check out the gas link!


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