Monday, September 15, 2008

hello Tuesday

I'm so proud of Hudson! Today was his 4 year check up. He is 42.5 inches (90th percentile) and 41 lbs (75th - 90th percentile). I was a bit surprised that he wasn't at least 100th percentile for his height. Anyway, he had 4 shots in his arms and he didn't cry whatsoever, just a little shock and that was it. Poof! all over! On the way home he asked why he was wearing bandaids because it wasn't any big deal to him.

I was the one that caused more of an issue. Well, Saturday morning I sliced my finger while cutting pineapple. My FIL wrapped a couple badaids around it and some tape since it bled profusely. This morning I tried to change the bandages and they wouldn't come off so I had to have the CMA cut it off for me after she gave Hudson his shots. I winced a bit since it's still very tender. Hudson was a pro compared to me. It was kind of funny. The 41 year old was worse than the 4 year old.



my Mizzou Tigers are 3-0 now and we moved up in the polls from #6 to #5


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September's Gotta Grab It!!!!!!!!

the theme for the month is Sunflower Dreams, but I'm not so sunflowery with my designs, so I made some goodies that are very compatible with the sunflower explosion

everything in
the Gotta Grab It collection is $1 each ONLY September 16th, 17th, and 18th... and all 40+ Gotta Grab It goodies can be mixed and matched to make your own special collaboration kit

here's mine:





grab my contributions HERE

enjoy & Scrap Sassy Silly!


Dnadryad said...

Nice "unflower-matching" compos !
A medicine-blow on your finger ;o) , and "bravo" to Hudson !

ScrapShana said...

Congrats to your little man! I've sliced my finger open while peeling potatos and it definately hurts. Hope your finger heals soon.
GREAT looking new products! I HAVE to grab those edgies! ;)

Sus said...

What a big boy you have. I still wanna cry when my doctor comes with a needle, LOL! It´s a beautiful kit :)

Barb said...

Sorry about your finger Sarah! Ouch! Love the textures in your papers!

Elaine said...

Love the colors and textures of the papers. Funny how your son the shots were no big deal this time. Personally I think a cut is worse than a shot, LOL


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