Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I am such a doughnut

This morning I couldn't figure out where my purse was. I thought that possibly someone took it when I stopped inside a convenience stores yesterday until I remembered that I later went to Fry's (local grocery store). Then.... DUH!!!!!!! I left my purse in my shopping cart IN the parking lot. HELLO! what a doughnut! I stopped back by there after I picked Hudson up from preschool and lucky me, soemone turned it in to the lost and found & everything was in it. If someone would've taken my wallet, they wouldn't have gotten away with much at all. It would've been more of a pain for me to replace my ID and debit card.

Well then....... I was a doughnut again tonight... hello! that's two big things in two days.......... I was all excited to get some Cold Stone (yummy ice cream) after work since I had a coupon and it's only a couple doors away from The Gap. Wellllll, after I paid for my ice cream I looked for my keys and then it dawned on me that I left them in my locker at work. UGH! OK... I said I was a doughnut, didn't I? Well I didn't want dh to have to wake up the boys and drive them to rescue me with a spare set. Luckily I had one co-worker's number in my phone. I called her & she gave me one asst. manager's number, talked with her & she gave me another number for an asst. who closed up with me and lives pretty close. She came to let me in and grab my key. OH, crazy me!

(have fun laughing..... and then you can scroll down and find some freebie QPs.... enjoy!)


SarahB said...

What a day! Glad you found your purse and were able to get back in the the store to get your keys!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Sara!

Oh my gracious - I've done the same. And I know well, that awful feeling that instantly washes over you when you realize! Like when you put the kettle on and forget and it boils dry, or when you fill the bathtub while away and all of a sudden remember its still running. None of us are immune, for sure. I guess if we were old we could use the excuse of our memories slipping...

Truly, I think we are just too durn busy these days - multi tasking in EVERYTHING. Our brains just can't hold it all, it starts assuming we've done stuff we have not (like taking our purses etc)

I now have a 'purse' thats actually a North Face bag that can change from a 'belly bag' or put a long strap on it and it becomes a 'purse' ... not in the height of fashion, I assure you... but what I like is that it can go around my waist and keep my hands free when I need this (clothes shopping for example) and it also has a clip inside for keys - so they can't slip out!

Thanks for sharing! I'm glad I tracked you back.

~ Barb

Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Aw, what a day! At least you got to top it all off with ice cream, right? I hope you were able to enjoy it. :-)

:::Melanie::: said...

WOW! You really had a rough day! Nice that you can laugh about it though!

Chantal Miller said...

Oh my what a day. I bet you were really glad to get in by the door after all that


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