Wednesday, September 17, 2008

and now it's Thursday

ok... I'm getting a bit annoyed with One Life to Live lately.

talk about stirring up tormoil and no happiness anywhere.. it's really crazy

Tess has Natalie locked up in the basement and Tess's/Jess's daughter is who knows where ... I bet the next time we see her, she'll be aged to maybe 5 or 6 years old

Clint is turning into a big A** .... he's a nice guy... this is just wrong.. he's worse than Asa, if that can be possible

Todd is going to steal his grandbaby and make his daughter, Starr, believe that her own baby is dead................that's too much for Todd.. he hurts tons of people, but he wouldn't hurt Starr

and... how long is Marty going to stay in the dark about her real life? c'mon, John has to find her soon


have you watched Busted on MTV yet? it's pretty's Cops busting drunk 18 year olds


do you shop for little girls? I don't have any, but I fell in love with this cute online boutique I found today.......

Sweet*N*Sassy Creations

it's loaded with adorable ribbon embellished denim jeans & mini skirts

you just have to check it out!


well, I finally added Jovial Fantasy to my Scrapdish store... yay!


please don't forget about Gotta Pixel's Gotta Grab It event.... grab your own collab... over 40 goodies with the same swatch and theme

as of midnight EST on the 18th...everything will go back to their regualr prices

(scroll down to my last blogging to find out more)


Dnadryad said...

pretty little clothes, indeed !

Carjazi said...

Wow, I haven't watched OLTL in forever. I can't believe they have Starr all grown up already. Well, I guess I can seeing how every soap does it.

Awesome looking kit btw!

I thought of you during the BB finale. I'm sure you were pleased with the results. I didn't expect a 7 - 0 vote though.

And look at Mizzou, doing well and Chase has a good chance at the Heisman, especially since Beanie Wells is hurt. Good luck for the rest of the season.

Leigh said...

very cool kit! Different and great colors!


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