Thursday, September 04, 2008

some brazen idiots!!!!!!!!

I was at work tonight.... at The Gap in a nice little boutique shopping strip (not a mall)..... and the nice old security guard walked into the store shortly before we closed at 8pm to ask if anyone owns the Toyota 4Runner outside.................. HELLO! ... I asked if it was a black one... and ... yep! ...........
welllllllllllll... some idiotic A** sawed off my catalytic converter!!!!! nice, huh?
a guy from AJs (an upscale grocery store in our strip) heard a strange noice and then he saw some guy pop into his car and take off ..... he called security ... unfortunately nobody got the license plate ... just that it was a couple of Hispanic guys in a dark car

UGH! the security guy said that nice metals are in the inside of them.... well, the police told me it's actually platinum

according to the policeman, it only takes approximately 1.5 minutes for them to saw it off and go

I ended up driving it home instead of leaving it or having it towed... since I only live 5-10 minutes away....... dang! it was noisy... it's just like not having an exhaust system on it and it barely wanted to move... I drove home with my hazard flashers on driving approximately 32 mph

I have no idea how anyone can prevent this from happening... my car was parked in the parking lot which was not even half full... with cars driving around

sooooooooooooooooo freakin' annoying!

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lorig said...

Ugh! Sounds like you had a trying day. I've heard of some of the weird things people are doing to get at precious metals but I think this takes the cake. Too bad no one got the license plate


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