Monday, September 08, 2008

sing a little sing song

I am soooooooooo happy to have some tunes on my blog now! I found the best site,!

I made a little playlist so far. I will probably add to it later. I hope you love the tune that's playing. If not, scroll to the bottom and click on a different one. Jennifer Love Hewitt's song on there is my new fave!

stick around, read my blog for a while, find some freebie QPs, and enjoy the tunes :)


have you signed up for my Gotta Pixel newsletter yet? If not, please do! See the box over there on the right sidebar? Yep, that one. My newsletters are sent out every Tuesday night and the one for this week has a super fab coupon in there.
Go on... hurry up!


Amanda said...

I'll have to check out the playlist site. Thanks!

Laura said...

I will have to check out that site!!

Leigh said...

fun to have music on your blog. Sometimes I want it on mine. Sometimes I don't! LOL!

Jan Connair (Magpie) said...

Just stopping by from the blog train at DST to say hi. Love your blog, and the music is definitely a nice touch!

Angie (mighty-nice) said...

Loves your playlist, Sara! I tried to add one to my wordpress account but no luck :(. TFS!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi - Just stopped in to say hello - found you thru the DST blog train.

I used to have music ON my blog, only people found it really distracting? I hesitate to tell you this, only I have this thing about being honest and possibly helpful.


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