Sunday, September 07, 2008

let the music move you move you

almost diaper free!!!!!!


I'm so excited... Griffin is almost out of diapers. He has gone potty in the toilet every time for the last 3 days. I think it will take a while to get the poop part under control, but we're almost there. YAY! After this package of diapers is done, it's only pull-ups for him. So cool!



our 4Runner was officially towed off on Friday (see the most recent blogging to see about my crazy story). The body shop said that he is getting used to fixing them. The last one took 1.5 weeks and is hoping to have ours done within one week. The creeps only get about $150 for the part & we have to pay our deductible of $500. At least we won't have to pay the full bill which will be right at $2500!


ok... are you bored? Would you like to drive yourself crazy?????? Or, perhaps, crazier than you already are?

move the mouse around and try to click on the ball to make it change colors.... it does work... I've seen blue, pink, gray, and green so far.

now.............. my newest kit, Jovial Fantasy on SALE for 31% off for just a few days ....

bonus wordart:

Creative Team layouts:Creative Team member, momofthecrazy4:
Jovial Fantasy coordinates with the Gotta Pixel August Dream Kit, Happily Ever After


Angie (mighty-nice) said...

Hi Sara! Your new kit is lovely - really like the sun! The ball game is soooooo frustrating! I was about to give up and then it turned pink and then green - cool. TFS! I've stopped by to say, "Hi!", courtesy of the blog train. I'd love a visit from you:

Cassandra said...

Congrats on the potty training! My little one is only 7 months so I have a ways to go!

Jamie Lee said...

Beautiful kit!!! Congrats on potty training! I don't even want to think about how that's going to be for my little one!!


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