Wednesday, November 11, 2009

spreading some blog love again

I think I have a little theme this week. A couple days ago I let you all know about my friend and her 1 Special Family. Alex has Fragile-X and their family learns new lessons with him all the time.

Well, I have another friend to share with you, Beth. Beth has a different journey. She is a young mom in her 20s fighting Cervical Cancer. Her new blog is Surviving Cervical Cancer. Just last month she underwent a partial hysterectomy. I can not imagine going through something like that so early in life, especially with two little ones at home. Please take a few minutes, visit her blog, say hello to Beth, and share her story with your blogging friends. Thanks!


And now.... if you haven't already heard ...... This weekend is Give & Get (Friends & Family) with Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy.

and... since you are all my friends & I work at The Gap...

enjoy 30% off all regular and sale prices, including the Outlets...
(sorry, it's not available online)

just print this coupon and use it as many times you'd like Nov 12th - 15th

and..... Gap is going to have commercials again! They should be hitting the tv's this weekend. You can catch one of them on

Happy Shopping!!

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Sharon said...

WOW! Thanks for being my new friend! 30% off at the GAP is wonderful!!

I'll swing by your friends blog too -- so young to be battling cancer.

I found your blog via SITS... if you're interested I'm hosting a blog carnival each Thursday called "just for the JOY of it" - come by and link up if you get the chance!

LisaLisa said...

That's so cool of you 30% off at GAP is Awesome!

I'm dropping by from SITS and will drop by and say hello to your friends blog!

When you have time drop over and read A BEDWETTERS PRAYER!

Beth said...

Sara you are so freaking sweet!! thank you so much for blogging about my story!! I will definitely be checking out the SITS site today! :) <3 <3

Janna Bee said...

Thanks for the coupon, and thank you for visiting me on my SITS day!


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