Saturday, November 28, 2009

did you hear?

you can win a nifty gift card to Kalo Designs studio at ACOT.. right here on my blog... the deadline is Sunday night so you better hurry hurry... it's pretty simple.. ... just click HERE


and... did you hear I have a new Droid?
........... my big Black Friday shopping day was spent replacing my old phone because I cracked the screen a few days ago. Because of that I could barely read anything on it ......... Soooooo... I upgraded to a new Droid
I've only texted on my phone before so it's kind of fun to now be able to go on the web & also play with tons of neat applications (including my Twitter shich I love so much) - it's really super cool... just not what I needed a month before Christmas

how about helping me out ....

I have one super-duper fabulous offer for you...

Shop your heart out!
This usually only happens once a year, but since I am leaving Gotta Pixel lots of these items will be retiring when I say b'bye here. This is your time to snag them while they are all still available.

Buy my Sara Ellis store and you can have EVERY item you desire. Commercial Use/Designer Resource, Scrap for Hire, and Personal Use - EVERYTHING!
(The entire Template Tools & Overlay Tools collections and all brushes are CU ok)

The earlier you get it, the cheaper you can get everything.
Only $18 through Nov. 29th... OR.... $21 through Dec. 6th

AND....some samples of my goodies... (all images are linked)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sara: I found your blog last Monday, the 23rd, and downloaded your darling freebie Hey fishy fishy paper pack. I assumed that the rest of the kit was yet to come. I found out just now that the elements had been posted on the 19th. When I tried to download them the download site said the download was no longer available :-( Is there anyway I can get them???? Did I miss the alphabet also??

Please reply to:

Thank you SOOOOO much,

Anonymous said...

Oh no Sara, how come you are leaving Gotta Pixel :( where are you going, I really want to follow you :)or


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