Monday, November 23, 2009

just a bag... or is it?

Have you ever heard of Fat Bottom Bags? Christi from Washington helps clean up the earth by recycling plastic bags into shopping totes by crocheting them together.

I'm so sorry, but I can not save any of the pictures at all. I have no clue what is up with that tonight.

She'll even send you a mini one for free if you send her 60 non-white bags.

btw... I learned about them from Twitter... I love tweeting and discovering new people

and... while I'm speaking about these eco-friendly totes...I just don't get something about Target and my Fry's grocery store. They both give you a 5 cent credit for each bag you bring in. While that's all great, I hate that they don't give you any credit for not taking a bag at all. There's some times when I only purchase a couple small items so I opt for no bag & just carry them or put them in my purse..... yet no credit for that at all. What gives? I'm certainly doing my part to help save out earth.


hey digi-scrapper friends.... have you seen my most recent freebie?

it's Hey Fishy Fishy papers - part 1 - blog FREEBIE

the elements are no longer available ..... you better be smart and visit often because I will not keep them up for access too long, maybe for 5 days or so, but that's it..... new ones will keep being added every few days :)

oh... my blog train contribution from this past weekend is still ready for you

it's another choo-choo ride! (digiscrap style)

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Anonymous said...

I's the same think if you bring a bad and if you don't take a bag. I never thought of that. That doesn't seem right at all!

Aquarius Scrapability said...

Hi Sara, could you please drop me a line (can't find you emailaddy) could you contact me at aquariusdes (at)

Tammy Howard said...

Hmm - that really DOESN'T make sense...

Hey - I'm an Alpha Phi girl, too...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet kit, Sara.

As for the no bag vs. returned bag, that's the difference right there. :) I think the payment for returned bags has the goal of getting the bags that are already "out there" back to the store where they'll be recycled. If you're not taking a bag, there's nothing to recycle. Just my guess, but I think it's also a way to get people into the habit of "bring a bag to the store" so hopefully, those using plastic bags will switch to reusable bags and bring them to the store. We not only pay for those bags, we don't get a break for bringing them back and hauling them home again. ;) Of course, if you really want to, you could get a bag each visit, return it and get your nickle. It kind of defeats the overall goal, but considering the money you'll spend to get the bag in the first place... you're probably better off without the plastic bag. We know the earth is. ;)



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